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In the Novelties section you will find reports and press releases on the latest innovations in products and services for labels, software and hardware for label printing from Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH with its brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

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WrapTags now in stock and on video

Patented label solution for jewellery and watches by eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Birkenfeld, 12.07.2022. Label manufacturer Ferdinand Eisele counts the development of innovative label solutions among its core competencies. The specialist for the needs of the jewellery and watch industry has applied for a patent for WrapTags. This type of label can be printed on in the same way as standard self-adhesive labels, but then protects the imprint itself with an additional layer of foil. A tag of this line is now available from stock at eXtra4. To illustrate the application, the company from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim has published videos. They are available at .

Technical sophistication in production
The clou of WrapTags lies in the combination of a special folding technique with partly transparent material. It is manufactured in-house as a composite for this type of label. High-precision die-cutting creates label shapes with four symmetrical sections - two opaque white for data printing and two transparent as a protective layer. All have open holes punched through the backing paper which, when folded, fuse together to form ready-to-use openings without the need to remove any remaining material beforehand.

Easy handling in video tutorials
What is technically complex must be simple in practice! Video tutorials on the eXtra4 website illustrate how easy it is to attach WrapTags: For application, the partial surfaces of a WrapTag are folded along their edges and, starting at the imprint, glued to each other in a wrapping process. The two transparent label areas encase the printed opaque ones. The label virtually wraps itself in its own protection cloak. Thanks to perforated parting lines, folding is easy and succeeds with a perfect fit. Pre-punched holes meet each other exactly without effort. The resulting opening is used for a thread to attach the WrapTag.

Protection and seal character
Covered by the additional foil layer of the transparent label areas, texts and codes from the thermal transfer printer are safe from chemical as well as mechanical impact. A WrapTag even survives surface treatment with a polishing tumbler without damage. The label does not have to be removed and reapplied to the corresponding piece, but can remain on the jewellery during the polishing process. ...


... read more of the press release on the patented WrapTags from eXtra4

more information on hang tags

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WrapTags for threads - order right away online!

threads - order right away online!


We would be pleased to send you samples of WrapTags!

Now available from stock: the patented label development WrapTag from eXtra4 Labelling Systems as an label with thread for attachment
Now available from stock: the patented label development WrapTag from eXtra4 Labelling Systems as an label with thread for attachment Ref-No. 35 2745 K1

eXtra4-WrapTag with pre-printed company logo according to corporate design for use on watches with metal strap
eXtra4-WrapTag with pre-printed company logo according to corporate design for use on watches with metal strap


Tutorial WrapTags for jewellery


Tutorial WrapTags for watches


Sustainable labels for jewellery and watches

Solutions and possibilities by eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Birkenfeld, 07.06.2022. When it comes to sustainability, packaging is in the focus of critical examination. Labels are part of the packaging sector and cannot evade this. As a label manufacturer, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is taking up the issue and is facing up to the sustainability debate with its eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand. The identification technology experts from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, Germany, discuss the special situation for the jewellery and watch industry and point out options.

Sustainability in detail
The concept of sustainability is broadly defined. It ranges from the recyclability of a product and the use of recycled or at least renewable raw materials to resource-conserving manufacturing processes and an environmentally and socially responsible supply chain. The aim is to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible for future generations through a product.

The contribution that a small jeweller's label can make to achieving this big goal seems negligible. But brands that use sustainability to differentiate themselves from the market and recommend themselves to their target group must also pay attention to the smallest details. Critical consumers, as well as competitors, take a close look, ask questions and examine.

The traditional tag as a future perspective
The traditional way of labelling jewellery and watches, the classic hand-lettered cardboard tag with a string to attach, really scores in terms of sustainability. As the most elementary implementation of the labelling idea - attaching information to a product = writing text on a piece of paper and attaching it with a thread - it fulfils the most important criteria: ...

Eco-friendly label with loop as a compromise
In order to meet the catalogue of requirements as far as possible and still take sustainability aspects into account, at least in part, eXtra4 Labelling Systems has developed an eco-friendly self-adhesive label with loop: With labelling areas of 22 x 10 mm (WxH) and a loop of 28 mm length by 3 mm width, it corresponds to a popular standard shape, but its basic material is made of 100% recycled paper. It gives the label its recycled look with brown colouring and irregular structure. Reliable adhesive power is ensured by a permanently adhesive acrylate glue that is free of solvents. ...


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... more details on sustainable labels in the flyer


Sustainable labels for jewellery labelling
Solutions and possibilities for sustainable labelling of jewellery and watches by eXtra4

For jewellery and watches: tag made of PEFC-certified cardboard with natural cotton thread
Label made of PEFC-certified cardboard with natural cotton thread for labelling jewellery and watches with an emphasised sustainable claim

Sustainable labels with loop for jewellery labelling
More sustainable through recycled paper: self-adhesive label with loop, optionally matt or gloss laminated


It's all about round now with eXtra4 labels

New circle-shaped labels for jewellery labelling

Birkenfeld, 22.02.2022. As response to increased interest in loop labels with round labelling fields eXtra4 Labelling Systems is adding new shapes to its stock range: Under its brand umbrella, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, based in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, has several variants ready for call-off in the updated catalogue.

Stock assortment expanded
With the update of the BASICS catalogue at the beginning of 2022, four different loop labels with round shape are available from stock at eXtra4 Labelling Systems. All offer 17 mm diameter labelling areas, but have loops of different lengths and widths. By arranging the label fields below each other instead of next to each other, one of the shapes is also suitable for narrow slimLINE printers in addition to standard desktop thermal transfer devices.

Frame for precise data printing
In order to be able to mark round surfaces accurately in the thermal transfer printer, a technical trick is necessary: If the device sensors are to position the data print correctly, it is indispensable to embed the label in a rectangular frame. For application to the goods, it must be detached from there after printing. The material frame remains as waste. ...


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... view round labels with loop in catalogue BASICS


... order right away round labels with loop at eXtra4-Shop online

Round labels for jewellery labelling
In the eXtra4 catalogue range: labels with labelling fields, Ø 17 mm, rear 34 1774IR K1, loop 40 mm long, 2 mm wide, front 34 3454R K1, loop 36 mm long, 3 mm wide

Custom-made in gold metallic: labels with round labelling fields, Ø 17 mm, loop 25 mm long, 5 mm wide
Custom-made in gold metallic: labels with round labelling fields, Ø 17 mm, loop 25 mm long, 5 mm wide - Available from stock in glossy white foil compound as 34 1758IR K1 and with loop length 34 mm as 34 1768IR K1


eXtra4 label printing goes web

First platform-independent solution for printing jeweller's labels

Birkenfeld, 10.01.2022 „Windows or Apple?“ – This question no longer matters with eXtra4-webPI when it comes to label printing for jewellery and watches. The new labelling solution from eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH runs independently of the computer operating system. The IT subsidiary of label specialist Ferdinand Eisele from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim has developed a autonomous universal system for label printing: The browser-based software eXtra4<web1>, installed on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The set doesn't need its own monitor, communicating with the user via web browser. Free of operating system restrictions, eXtra4-webPI is compatible with any current computer of any configuration. Platform-independent label printing from eXtra4 will be presented to the public for the first time as a prototype at the Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich in 2022.

Mini system with maximum convenience
The web-based labelling software eXtra4<web1> no longer runs on the user's computer. Instead, the stand-alone small system eXtra4-webPI provides everything necessary to reliably control the label printer on site on a permanent basis: The single-board computer Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi ® is a registered trademark of Raspberry Pi Trading) has dimensions of hardly more than a cigarette pack (90 x 30 x 62 mm WxHxD). It is delivered pre-configured with eXtra4<web1> software. No need for time-consuming installation of software or hardware drivers. The user only has to connect the device to his router or network and supply it with power. Appropriate cables are included.

With Plug & Play ready to print
As soon as it has fully booted, the tiny computer logs on to the Internet automatically and is thus accessible to the eXtra4 support team. The technicians take over the remote adaptation to the IT conditions on site. They set up the system completely until label printing is working properly on the user's thermal transfer printer.

If all relevant parameters, such as IP addresses and models of available printers, label shapes and layout for the print data, are already known before delivery of the eXtra4-webPI system, plug & play really becomes true for the user. Everything is ready to go. Neither eXtra4 support nor he himself has to do anything else, label printing can start right away

Type 'n' Print via any browser
The eXtra4<web1> software communicates with the user via the usual browser, regardless of whether Safari from Apple, Edge from Windows, Chrome from Google, Firefox or another browser is in action on the user's computer. To open the application, the user enters the web address of the Raspberry Pi instead of a URL. Now eXtra4<web1> operates via browser window in " Type 'n' Print " mode: ...


... read more of the press release on cross-platform label printing with eXtra4-webPI


... learn more details on browser-based label printing with eXtra4<web1> on Raspberry Pi


Logo IT-Subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
eXtra4-webPI:eXtra4-webPI:browser based software eXtra-web1 for label printing, installed on single-board computer Raspberry Pi
Platform-independent label printing with all-in system eXtra4-webPI: Single-board computer Raspberry Pi with software eXtra4-web1

eingetragene Wort- und Bildmarke Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi® is a registered trade mark of Raspberry Pi Trading


Scope of delivery of eXtra4-webPI: pre-installed single-board computer Raspberry Pi with connection cables for power and router or networkScope of delivery of eXtra4-webPI: pre-installed single-board computer Raspberry Pi with connection cables for power and router or network

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