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Rights of use for video and image material

We provide our video material online for watching and downloading. Please note that Ferdinand Eisele GmbH holds the rights of use for all videos published here, as well as the images, texts and other representations (e.g. graphics) that can be selected from them.
Further use by third parties is possible after approval with reference to "eXtra4". We ask for corresponding request.


Jeweller’s labelling-quality: Single label printing

Printing a single label without losing the label feed
All thermal transfer label printers provided by eXtra4 master the precise back transport of the label feed after each printing process. So if you want to print a single label, you really only consume this one label.
Not every thermal transfer printer fulfils this criterion. And certainly not for such complex labels with large material thickness, as is usual for marking jewellery and watches. Therefore, this capability decides whether a label printer is accepted into the eXtra4 product range.



Jeweller’s label-quality: tear-resistant

Labels are hard to remove maliciously by hand
Standard labels for jewellery are made of foil compound and equipped with permanent adhesive. Correctly applied to jewellery, they are able to put up considerable resistance to any attempt tearing them off quickly by hand. We therefore recommend: Always use scissors! This prevents damage to the jewellery caused by ripping-off the label.



Jeweller’s label-quality: resistant to ultrasonic treatment

Labels remain undamaged after cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
For our jewellery labels we use permanently adhesive foil compound material as standard. It can be printed scratch-resistant with resin based carbon ribbons. The jewellery can thus be easily cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with the label attached, without the label being damaged, becoming detached or blurred.



How to properly attach jewellery labels with loop

Video Tutorial for loop labels
Jewellery labels with loop are among the most popular shapes for labelling jewellery and watches. However, the advantages of this type of label can only be fully exploited if it is handled correctly.



How to avoid trouble when attaching jewellery labels with loop

Video Tutorial for error-free use of loop labels
Knowing what is important when attaching loop labels to jewellery and watches helps prevent unnecessary extra work and problems.


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