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Hand-picked Hardware for Labelling

Latest technique at eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Birkenfeld, 06.11.2019. Jewellery, watches and gemstones stand for exclusivity - and that even when it comes to labelling. Small labels in complex shapes make special demands, which are well known at eXtra4 Labelling Systems. The specialist for labelling systems in the jewellery, watch and gemstone segment observes the global hardware market, selects suitable devices and tests them thoroughly before they are integrated into the eXtra4 range. Three scanners and a printer from the Taiwanese technology forges at Godex and Argox are now new in the product range.


2D Scanner GODEX GS500
Among the 2D readers, the GS 500 proves itself in everyday use with great reliability. As a 2D imager, it reads 1D and 2D codes in the usual formats, even from displays of mobile devices such as mobile phones, pads and tablets. The scanner is capable of continuous operation as well as manual operation via trigger button and reads automatically in presentation mode. LED and sound signals facilitate scanning. In slim design it measures only (LxHxW) 101x147x66 mm, weight 130 g (without cable). Delivery includes connection cable for USB 2.0. 36 months manufacturer warranty (bring-in service). B-to-B price: € 119,- (plus VAT as of 10/2019)


Exclusive performance - even with the price
All new devices selected by eXtra4 Labelling System have one thing in common: hey impress with powerful performance and that at a very competitive price. With this outstanding level of efficiency, the Godex and Argox labelling hardware should be of particular interest to users. All the more so as its inclusion in the hand-picked eXtra4 range has tested and proven its suitability for the sophisticated requirements in the jewellery, watches and precious stones segment.


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2D scanner at eXtra4 Labelling Systems: Godex GS500New in the eXtra4 range: 2D scanner GODEX GS500, Ref-No. 62 G-GS500U
New 2D Scanner at eXtra4 Labelling Systems: GODEX GS500
New low-priced 2D scanner from eXtra4 in the hardware range: GODEX GS500, Ref-No. 62 G-GS500U

New: Tutorials for Labels

Proper labelling - eXtra4 shows how it should be done

Birkenfeld, 02.09.2019. "How jewellery labels with loops work is common knowledge!" – Experience has shown eXtra4 Labelling Systems to know better: Inappropriate handling is the most common cause of problems with loop labels. Now the label manufacturer from the Pforzheim area in Germany is using a video tutorial to demonstrate what is the best way to do it and what you have to pay attention to.

Popular Loop Labels
Loop labels are the most popular form of labelling jewellery and watches. That is why label specialist Ferdinand Eisele offers a wide range of variants under its eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand: More than 200 shapes are available as tools ready for production. More than 80 different versions of jewellery labels with loop are stocked by eXtra4.

Quality in the detail
The stock range of loop labels at eXtra4 Labelling Systems is without exception resistant in an ultrasonic bath and equipped with strong permanent adhesive. However, the loop does never carry any adhesive, only the tip of the loop is glued. This means that no dirt particles can build up on the loop, the goods are safe from residues and the label remains freely movable - whether on jewellery or watches. Equipped in this way, loop labels from eXtra4 offer many advantages in practice – provided they are attached properly!

Tips and tricks via tutorial
At first glance, the attachment of jewellery labels with loops appears simple and self-explanatory. But the devil is in the detail and can cause problems at crucial points. ...


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Video-Tutorial: how to handle loop labels for the best possible result

Video-Tutorial: where you have to take care of while using jewellery labels with loop

Two challengers in the scanner market

GS220U and AS-9300 provoke with price-performance in the eXtra4 scanner offer

Birkenfeld, 02.07.2019. They are ready to attack: The two scanners from renowned manufacturers in Taiwan, the 1D reader GS220U from GODEX and the 2D imager AS-9300 from ARGOX. Their price already makes competitors afraid. And their performance is in no way inferior. That's why eXtra4 has integrated both models in its range of recommended hardware.

1D Scanner GODEX GS220U
In the squad of 1D readers, the GS220U takes the race with excellent CCD technology. It quickly and accurately reads standard bar codes such as Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 128, EAN13 and many more. Optical and acoustic signals support the operator during scanning. A button triggers the reading process.
Thanks to its ergonomic design, the scanner is easy to hold - even when in daily use. Rubber-coated elements give the housing grip and protect in the case of a drop. Dimensions (LxHxB): 110x153x70 mm. Weight: 120 g. Stand optional (automatic scanning possible). With USB 2.0 connection cable. 36 months manufacturer warranty (Bring-in service). B-to-B price: € 46,60 (plus VAT, status 07/2019).

2D Scanner ARGOX AS-9300
In the class of 2D readers the AS-9300 faces the competition. Its image performance is based on a quad-core chip and makes it the fastest reader at the start. Multi-lingually equipped, he understands all common codes in 1D and 2D format. With its precise optics, it even reads from LCD screens and mobile phone displays.

The scanner works in manual mode by trigger or automatically on the supplied stand. Optical and acoustic signals confirm successful scanning. device dimensions (LxHxB) approx. 90x179x73 mm, 185 g weight. ). With USB 2.0 connection cable. 36 months manufacturer warranty (Bring-in service). B-to-B price: € 125,- (plus VAT, status 07/2019).

With their punchy price and this performance, both scanners should clearly be in the pool position with cost-sensitive customers of eXtra4: the GS220U from GODEX in the 1D-class and the AS-9300 from ARGOX in the 2D-league.


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New in the eXtra4 product range: GODEX 1D-Scanner GS220UNew in the eXtra4 product range: GODEX 1D Scanner GS220U, horizontal, incl. connection cable not assembled, Ref-No. 62 G-GS220U
GODEX 1D Scanner GS220U, upright, incl. connection cable not assembled
GODEX 1D Scanner GS220U, upright, incl. connection cable not assembled, Ref-No. 62 G-GS220U
ARGOX 2D Scanner A-AS9300, new in the eXtra4 range as a low priced entry-level model ARGOX 2D Scanner A-AS9300, new in the eXtra4 range as a low priced entry-level model under Ref-No. 62 A-AS9300
The 2D Scanner ARGOX A-AS9300 with stand for automatic scanning new in eXtra4 product range
The 2D Scanner ARGOX A-AS9300 with stand for automatic scanning new in eXtra4 product range under Ref-No. 62 A-AS9300

The most attractive in its class

GODEX ZX430i convincing as new mid-range device in the thermal transfer label printer segment at eXtra4

Birkenfeld, 20.05.2019. What the Compact class is in on-road traffic is the Midrange class in label printing: it offers the performance of a big one with a small footprint. The Godex ZX430i tops this claim with an extremely attractive price and is therefore a new addition to the eXtra4 Labelling Systems range.

Best of desktop and industrial class
As a space-saving model, the Godex ZX430i thermal transfer printer comes in a robust metal housing measuring approx. 40 x 27 x 26 cm (LxHxW). Nevertheless, it holds large rolls of labels and carbon ribbon like a full-grown industrial device, but also accepts media in desktop format. At a resolution of 300 dpi, it delivers high print speeds of up to 4 ips - 102 mm/s. The ZX430i's numerous connectivity options and its versatility in codes, fonts and languages clearly position it among the big players.
Yet the thermal transfer printer is sensitive to small labels with complex shapes thanks to its fully adjustable sensor. The 32-bit CPU of the Godex device enables fast first-label-out throughput .

User comfort and more
The mid-range printer demonstrates its full greatness towards the user: Ribbon and labels can be inserted easily. An auto-calibration button saves time and material every time a roll is changed. Communication with the device works intuitively on the LCD colour display with ergonomic control elements. An extensive range of accessories as well as Bluetooth and WiFi options convincingly round off the overall picture.

Users who demand high output with perfect performance, but consciously keep a low profile in terms of space and costs will be impressed by the ZX430i thermal transfer label printer from Godex. Price: € 699,- plus VAT (conditions 05/2019).


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Midrange printer at eXtra4 Labelling Systems: Godex ZX430iNew in the eXtra4 range: Thermal transfer printer of the mid-range class GODEX ZX430i, Ref-No. 61 G-ZX430i
Midrange printer at eXtra4 Labelling Systems: Godex ZX430iCompact class with space for large rolls, thermal transfer printer GODEX ZX430i, Ref-No. 61 G-ZX430i

Gemstone Management Software now available
for multi-user environment

Lapidary business application eXtra4<gemID> in additional version

Birkenfeld, 14.02.2019 The company eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH is expanding its range of software for the gemstone industry. The IT subsidiary of label manufacturer and specialist for identification technology Ferdinand Eisele located close to Pforzheim is expanding eXtra4<gemID>, its gemstone management application.
In addition to the single-user edition “Basic“, the “Business" edition is now available as a multi-user version. It will be presented to the public for the first time in March 21 – 26, 2019, during the Baselworld show on Stand G11, Hall 4.1.

Augmented Efficiency using Ident-Code and Scanner
Coded labels are the basis of gemstone management with the application eXtra4<gemID>. They carry the unique identity of each gem as an encrypted code. In contrast to standard software for stock management, the tool eXtra4<gemID> masters the crucial task of handling the combinatorial variety of quality features for gemstones.

Consistent labelling of the entire gemstone stock with the eXtra4 code leads immediately to an amazing increase in efficiency within the complete administration process. Code scanning provides all relevant information of each stone at any place any time. Time-consuming manual recording is no longer necessary. This eliminates errors and decreases costs ...


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Please see brochure for gemstone management software eXtra4<gemID>:    cta pdf 35

Logo IT-Subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Screen of eXtra4<gemID> "Edition Business" Management software for gemstones eXtra4<gemID> for multi-user environment as "Edition Business"
Classification of gemstones with software eXtra4<gemID>
Classification of gemstones with the software eXtra4<gemID>
ID code generation for gemstone managementID code generation with eXtra4<gemID> from the individual data of a gemstones

RFID for Jewellery

Decision criteria for transponder-supported labelling of goods in trade and industry

Birkenfeld, 02.01.2019. RFID is already being used successfully in the jewellery industry. To ensure that manufacturers and retailers do not miss the opportunity to enter this future technology, Ferdinand Eisele and his subsidiary "eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH" will provide a catalogue of criteria for decision-making and present RFID live during the spring trade fairs.
The identification technology company from the Pforzheim area has been accompanying the development of RFID for years, both in the jewellery industry and in related segments, and can point out key issues.

Additional effort must pay off
Compared to barcode labels, the use of RFID basically means more time and money. The price of RFID labels is up to ten times higher than that of conventional labels. RFID-capable label printers are also significantly more expensive. In addition, much more care must be taken when labelling goods.
This additional expense is paid for by the significantly improved inventory monitoring. From a cost-benefit point of view, the use of RFID can therefore initially be justified for jewellery in the upper price segment. Here, additional costs are already amortized when the loss rate by "shrinkage" is halved.

Inventory - permanent instead of anual
The high costs of RFID must be offset by frequent use. If all movement of goods is continuously monitored, "shrinkage" is automatically reduced. The extremely fast detection of entire trays is the key to this. RFID is a worthwhile investment if inventory is taken daily, several times a day, e.g. when moving goods between the safe and sales area, or even permanently. ...

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RFID für Juweliere
RFID application at the jeweller's
RFID-Scanner von eXtra4 für Etikettierung mit UHF-Transponder
RFID scanner from eXtra4 for labelling with UHF transponder
RFID-Etikett mit UHF-Transponder zur Auszeichnung von SchmuckRFID
label with UHF transponder for labelling jewellery

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