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In the section "Update" you will find current news and press releases about companies and employees of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH as well as eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH with its brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

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Change of representative in the Netherlands

Annemieke Verberk takes over from Martin Roelofs

Birkenfeld, 12.05.2023. On 31.05.2023, „Wilhelm&Kling BV“, the long-standing eXtra4 representative in the Netherlands, will close its doors in Langbroek. Managing director Martin Roelofs is retiring. He has distributed labels, software and hardware from eXtra in Holland for over 3 decades with commitment and expertise. We thank him very much for this!

Mr. Roelofs had already acquired know-how in labelling in another job with eXtra4 products for many years before he joined Wilhelm&Kling BV as managing director in 1993 and purposefully expanded the company. We are therefore particularly pleased that our loyal customers will continue to receive sound advice on labelling there. Annemieke Verberk will take over the customer base with "AV agenturen". As a long-time employee at „Wilhelm&Kling“, she knows the industry inside out and can serve both current and new customers just as knowledgeably as her former boss. We wish Ms Verberk all the best and much success with her new start on 01.06.2023.


 Change of representative in the Netherlands 
Annemieke Verberk looks after the eXtra4 customer base of "Wilhelm&Kling BV" with "AV agenturen" instead of Martin Roelofs

Donation for Ludwig Uhland School in Birkenfeld

eXtra4 finances workshops of the Friends of the school Association

18. January 2023: More media competence for its pupils is something that is very close to the heart of the Friends of the Ludwig Uhland School in Birkenfeld Association. That is why the committed parents organise workshops on mobile phone use and the sensible application of social media for pupils. With a donation, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH supports this project at the local primary, secondary and intermediate school under its eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand, so that the children there not only take home curriculum content, but also important things for life from the lessons.

This is where the support association becomes active in order to realise projects for the children that would otherwise not be feasible with school funds. For the school with its focus on the natural sciences, the media competence of its pupils is one of the relevant skills for holding one's own in today's world. For this reason, the association has commissioned the well-known social pedagogue and Youtuber Clemens Beisel with workshops for grades 5-7:

Mobile phone times were put to the test, the flood of news was examined and contained, and internet etiquette was taught for better manners on the net. In the end, the children were enthusiastic and so competent that they were even able to show their parents new things about the topic. A corresponding parents' workshop is therefore already being considered by the association.

Ferdinand Eisele can well imagine supporting this financially as well. Digital skills are in demand and fit in with the activities of their subsidiary eXtra Software+Service GmbH as a software company. That is why, in the opinion of the management, local commitment in particular must be supported, which helps to build up competences here locally.


  Donation Report Newsletter Supporters' Association LUS 
Excerpt from the newsletter of the Ludwig-Uhland-Schule in Birkenfeld with donation report


Thanks for loyalty to eXtra4

Ferdinand Eisele honours long-standing employees

Birkenfeld, 20.12.2022. They have accompanied the development of eXtra4 Labelling Systems for decades: The company jubilarians of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Through their consistency and loyalty, they have contributed to the success of the company's brand for identification technology in the jewellery, watch and gemstone industry. For this, the Birkenfeld-based labelling specialist thanks five long-serving employees at the end of the year.

From near and far to eXtra4
For eXtra4 from North to South Mr Thomas Peters changed 10 years ago. The programmer ventures the move from Gütersloh to develop the products of the software subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service. With German tradition and Russian history, Ms Olga Bader started 15 years ago at eXtra4 especially for the market in Eastern Europe. Geopolitical upheavals shift the focus of her activities to order entry and sales. As a career changer from outside the industry with Turkish roots, Mr Sinan Körbulak starts working in label production in 1992. Today he is a machine operator responsible for die-cutting standard labels.

A career with labels
Also 30 years ago, the career of authorised signatory Matthias Jaschke starts in label production. The professional train driver initially works on the printing machines, switches to the production of printing plates due to his IT knowledge with increasing digitalisation of the prepress, and then brings his experience from the technology for eXtra4 customers into order management and sales. At the same time, Mr Jaschke is in charge of the development and expansion of the digital printing division. Knowhow and experience in all technical areas of the company justify the extension of his responsibility to the entire company by procuration in 2021.

A professional life for eXtra4
Managing director Alex Schickel has already shown 35 years of dedication to Ferdinand Eisele, because even as a student he programmed software for his father's company, whose fortunes he has been managing since 2003. He expands the product range beyond the label in the direction of hardware and software and makes Ferdinand Eisele with its eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand a provider of complete labelling systems.


 Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is pleased about its company jubilarians 
Company jubilarians at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH: Managing Director Alex Schickel, Authorised Signatory Matthias Jaschke, Thomas Peters, Olga Bader and Sinan Körbulak (from left to right)

eXtra4 Webshop Relaunch

New design - old prices

Birkenfeld, 05.12.2022. Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is launching an upgrade for the online shop of its eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand. Under the familiar web address , the jewellery and watchmaking industry can now more conveniently meet their goods labelling needs. The redesigned B2B webshop of the label specialist from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim offers everything for labelling jewellery, watches and gemstones not only in a new look, but also with new features and at existing prices.

More ease of use - even mobile
With its clear structure and design, the new eXtra4 online shop aims to make the purchase of labels, software and hardware for labelling, as well as accessories, more convenient. Special attention is paid to mobile use. Professionals in the industry should also be able to cover their labelling needs simply and practically via mobile phone.

A detailed search function and new filter options support the selection of the right label - whether for hand marking or label printers. Quick view and comparison feature quickly lead to the desired result. If you want to have your favourite items immediately at hand, log in as a user and save your personal selection for the next order in a wish list. Ordering without registration remains possible, as before.

Launch with existing prices
Although ease of use is at the heart of the redesign, shop customers cannot continue to use existing logins. User data cannot be transferred from the old shop system to the new one. In order to soften the changeover with a new password for formerly registered users, Ferdinand Eisele has decided not to adjust the prices at the same time as the shop relaunch. It is not planned to take increased costs into account before the turn of the year, so orders can be placed in the new eXtra4 shop at current prices until the end of 2022.

Shop online now!

 eXtra4 Webshop Relaunch  
In a clear look: the new eXtra4 webshop
Filter options support the choice of the right label  
Filter options support the choice of the right label

The voice of eXtra4 celebrates 65th birthday

Hartmut Kasper refuses to retire and remains loyal to the eXtra4 support team

Birkenfeld, 26.09.2022. Retirement? Not yet! – Hartmut Kasper celebrates his 65th birthday and does not think about quitting. As an IT expert, he has been in charge of the eXtra4 Labelling Systems support hotline for 23 years and is as well-known as he is popular with clients from all over the world.

The data processing professional and former programmer contributes computer skills and technical know-how to the company in 1999. Together with Managing Director Alex Schickel, Mr Kasper was the only contact person at that time for customers with IT problems in the labelling of jewellery and watches. His ability to make complex technical contexts comprehensible, sound advisory skills and almost inexhaustible patience quickly make him the most sought-after eXtra4 employee.

Today, Hartmut Kasper together with other colleagues from the eXtra4 support team face the hurdles that arise in an increasingly complex IT world for reliably functioning labelling systems. Advice in English and online service remotely directly on the customer's computer are part of everyday life. And this is what Mr Kasper would not want to miss for a long time to come. That is why he has decided to stay on the job at eXtra4 despite having reached retirement age.

The management, represented by Susanne Schickel, wishes the jubilarian good health for the coming years and is pleased, together with the colleagues, not to have to do without such a highly renowned employee who is appreciated by clients all over the world.

 Happy Birthday 
Hartmut Kasper has reached retirement age but stays in the eXtra4 support team
Managing Director Susanne Schickel (left) congratulates jubilarian Hartmut Kasper on his birthday 
Managing Director Susanne Schickel (left) congratulates jubilarian Hartmut Kasper on his birthday

With the master craftsman's diploma to become a Operations Manager

Kevin Krebiehl in new position after professional training

Birkenfeld, 01.09.2022. After graduating from master school, Kevin Krebiehl took on new responsibilities on 1 August 2022. As Operations Manager at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, he is responsible for the entire production technology, from analogue to digital production, as well as the upstream and downstream areas of material and printing plate production.

The trained packaging technologist began his career in the company's label production in 2015. Ambitious and open-minded towards innovation, he soon accompanies the company's further development as technical assistant to the management in the introduction of new machinery and organisational structures.

Already in 2017, Mr Krebiehl is striving for a corresponding further qualification, but is putting his plans on hold for the family for the time being. In September 2020, the young family man will finally be able to set his professional goal in concrete terms: He will start the course to become an industrial foreman, specialising in paper and plastics processing at the papermaking school in Gernsbach. The two years of part-time training with block lessons away from home, intensive learning phases and work in the company demand a lot not only from him, but also from his wife and daughter. All the more pride and joy when he can announce the successful completion of the course with a master craftsman's diploma, an impressive certificate and a training licence in his pocket.

Managing Director Alex Schickel congratulates the newly qualified industrial foreman on behalf of all his colleagues and promotes him immediately: In the position of Operations Manager at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Kevin Krebiehl will play a key role in the digital transformation of the company and help to put pioneering developments into practice for the future.

Managing Director Alex Schickel (left) congratulates Kevin Krebiehl on passing his master craftsman's examination
the new eXtra4 operations manager with master craftsman's certificate 
The new Operations Manager of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH with his master craftsman's certificate

As farewell a donation for charity

Uwe Ratz retires with a generous gesture

Birkenfeld 2022. Having started at eXtra4 Labelling Systems as a career changer more than 15 years ago, Uwe Ratz says goodbye to his working life with a donation to SWR1 charity project "Refugee Aid for Children from Ukraine" and a legendary piece of rock music.

In 2006, the trained tiler switches from the crafts to label production. Initially, his assignment is planned in the incoming goods department. Additional skilled hands are also needed in production, however, and so until his retirement Uwe Ratz runs a machine for roll converting

Because he appreciates good music but doesn't want any personal gifts, Uwe Ratz prefers to support a charity project: Instead of a farewell present, he would like the money collected by his colleagues to be donated to the relief campaign of the Südwest broadcasting station and for their radio show to include the classic "Lokomotive Breath" by the rock legends of "Jethro Tull".

Although the eXtra4 management has no influence on the music editorial team, they spontaneously decide to support this generous gesture by doubling the amount, so that a considerable sum can finally be transferred in Mr. Ratz's name. - If that's not a good start to retirement?

 Uwe Ratz retires 
After more than 15 years of service at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Uwe Ratz retires
donation of Uwe Ratz at SWR1 charity project 
Donation of Uwe Ratz at SWR1 charity project „Refugee Aid for Children from Ukraine“

New pro at the machines!

Gianfranco Ranaudo started in label production

Birkenfeld, April 2022. As a trained offset printer, Gianfranco can score points with practice on many machines and diverse printing techniques. - Versatility that is in demand in label production.

Die-cutting and embossing are new territory for the native Italian, but he does not shy away from challenges. He is particularly interested in new trends and techniques in the field of digitalisation. Experience with digital printing he has already gained and is thus recommended for the future expansion of the digital production line at eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

The management and staff warmly welcome the new colleague to Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. They wish Mr Ranaudo all the best for his new job in label production.


 Gianfranco Ranaudo's start in production 
Gianfranco Ranaudo driving one of eXtra4's label production machines

New prices as of 01.01.2022

Price update at labels for jewellery, watches, gemstones and glasses

Birkenfeld, 01 January 2022 eXtra4 Labelling Systems is ringing in the new year with updated prices. Self-adhesive labels for jewellery, watches, glasses and gemstones for marking via label printer, labels for manual marking, hardware as well as large parts of the accessories have been adjusted in price to the market situation. Rising expenses, especially for merchandise, materials and personnel, had to be taken into account. The in-house software range has so far not been affected by the current revision.


Browse the new catalogue online


Order a catalogue copy and label samples


Overview of all brochures

 catalogue stock items new prices 2022 
The updated catalogue for the eXtra4 Labelling Systems stock range

Many years of commitment to eXtra4

Ferdinand Eisele congratulates six company jubilarians

Birkenfeld, 20.12.2021. With labels and labelling systems in use for the jewellery, watch and gemstone industries, the company jubilarians at eXtra4 Labelling Systems have all been with the company for a long time, some even since their apprenticeship. For their loyalty to the company, the management of the Birkenfeld-based label specialist Ferdinand Eisele GmbH would like to sincerely thank their six long-serving employees at the end of the year.

Into professional life with eXtra4
Mr Alexander Brenk can look back on a length of service with the company since his school days. Having started as an apprentice in 1996 after finishing secondary school, he has already been working for the company for 25 years. Today, the industrial clerk in the sales department is responsible for the smooth processing of customer orders for stock products and merchandise.
Ms Helga Sorgenfrei also supports the eXtra4 team in sales, but in the area of order processing and calculation. The trained forwarding clerk moved from the Kiel Förde to the rim of the Black Forest 20 years ago for love's sake. Thanks to her husband, himself a technician at eXtra4, the Nordic girl has made friends with the Southern German way of life and looks after eXtra4's international clientele in several languages

Via career changing into permanent workforce
Mrs Quynh Trang Dang's fate took her from even further away to Birkenfeld many years ago: Born in Vietnam, she found a new home in Pforzheim, familiarised herself with the local dialect and ventured into the Swabian-Badish working world at Ferdinand Eisele 10 years ago. Ms Dang works in the label roll finishing and, together with her colleague, ensures the punctual dispatch of goods.
There, since 2006, Mrs Claudia Bäcker has been responsible for logistics and shipping eXtra4 products all over the world. The Birkenfeld native originally learned the goldsmith's trade, but after the family phase 15 years ago, she decided to support the jewellery industry on the supplier side and start at eXtra4.
Mr Uwe Ratz has also been a member of the staff at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH for 15 years. As a career changer, he switched from the tile trade to label production. In the beginning, Mr. Ratz worked in the goods inwarding, but today he runs a machine for label roll converting.

With IT internally and externally in a central position
In 2021, eXtra4 EDP administrator Kay Sonntag is also one of the company's anniversary employees. The IT expert always has his fingertips on the pulse of the company's internal system structures and keeps the data traffic in administration and production flowing without collisions. In the course of the progressing development of Ferdinand Eisele and its subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service into an industry provider for ident systems, Mr Sonntag has taken on additional tasks in consulting and sales of the in-house hardware and software. Numerous clients have come to know and appreciate his competence in support during the last 10 years. Today, hardware sourcing and script programming are also among his specialties. - IT will continue to drive the development of identification technology and thus of eXtra4. Interesting new tasks will therefore continue to be provided in the future.


 Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is pleased about its company jubilarians 
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is pleased about its company jubilarians: Helga Sorgenfrei, Quynh Trang Dang, Claudia Bäcker and Kay Sonntag (from left below) as well as (not in picture) Alexander Brenk and Uwe Ratz

New catalogue for label shapes and tools

"RANGE" complements "BASIC" catalogue

Birkenfeld, 01.09.2021. In the new catalogue design, eXtra4 Labelling Systems has now also presented its compendium on label shapes and tools. The design concept introduced at the beginning of the year with the publication of the completely revised "BASIC" catalogue is now being transferred by Ferdinand Eisele GmbH to the "RANGE" edition of the catalogue, thus completing the clear presentation of its extensive product range.

Tools at hand immediately
In addition to "BASIC", which provides an overview of the eXtra4 stock range of labels including prices, the updated "RANGE" catalogue illustrates which label shapes can be produced immediately by the company because the matching tools are already available, ready for production. If an interested party decides on a shape from this stock, this saves time and money, because the construction of a suitable production tool is no longer necessary.

Online catalogue instead of printed brochure
In line with the new design specifications, catalogue "RANGE" brings together the entire tool pool in a single brochure. So you will find all label shapes for e.g. attaching with thread or tags in one chapter - both for labelling via computer and thermal transfer printer as well as for marking by hand. Unlike the "BASIC" catalogue, however, the new "RANGE" catalogue will not be available as a printed brochure. Due to frequent updates and a large volume, it is only available online for viewing and downloading as a PDF.

Browse the new "RANGE" catalogue online


Overview of all brochures


Video for the "RANGE" catalogue launch
 Catalogue RANGE Label Shapes and Tools New Design 
The re-designed "RANGE" catalogue for label shapes and tools from eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Brochure on Software eXtra4<gemID> updated

Software for gemstone management further expanded

October 2021. All enhancements of eXtra4<gemID>, the industry software for the gemstone sector from eXtra4, are now clearly summarised in the revised brochure. The last time this happened was in 2020 after the introduction of the multi-user version, Edition "Business".
Now the programme has grown to 5 editions and has numerous additional functions. On 6 pages, interested parties will find the advantages and most important core elements of all editions of the gemstone management software clearly broken down.

A matrix table distinguishes the individual programme editions from each other in terms of their scope of performance and provides information on prices, licences and service.
Get informed on the software eXtra4<gemID> now.
View the brochure now.
View further brochures from eXtra4.


 Prospekt Edelstein-Management-Software eXtra4<gemID>
Prospekt Edelstein-Management-Software eXtra4<gemID>>

Company management restructured

Ferdinand Eisele GmbH changes management and authorised signatories

Birkenfeld, 18.08.2021. Ferdinand Eisele GmbH from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, better known under its "eXtra4 Labelling Systems" brand, has restructured the company's management: The responsibility for the business of the identification technology expert with a focus on the jewellery and watch industry is now in the hands of two managing directors and three authorised signatories.

Co-owner now in management
In his function as managing partner, Alex Schickel has appointed his wife and previous authorised signatory of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Susanne Schickel, as managing partner. The co-owner had been authorised to sign on behalf of the company since 2012. Since joining the company in 1993, she as business engineer has been responsible for marketing communications.

Authorised signatory in team
With immediate effect, the overall authorised signatory power for Ferdinand Eisele GmbH rests on the shoulders of three long-serving employees from sales, technology and administration: Ms Andrea Schwenker has been part of the company's sales team for 12 years. As assistant to the management and "right hand" of Managing Director Alex Schickel, she has extensive knowledge of the company structures and workflows. The business administrator IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) runs the recruiting and is instructor for the commercial sector.
Matthias Jaschke is in charge of work preparation, the interface between sales and technics. Having started in production as a machine operator almost 30 years ago and trained as an business administrator IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), he is very familiar with the production possibilities and knows how to ideally convert them into saleable products. The production line "digital printing" also runs practically under his aegis.
Mr Jürgen Messerer has a firm grip on the company's figures and finances. For over 25 years, the accountant has looked after not only capital but also personnel and purchasing at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Together with him, one of the other two authorised signatories may represent the company.

Contemporary step towards the future
The restructuring is intended to make the company fit for the future "Especially in the current situation with the pandemic-related imponderables, the primary goal must be to secure a company's ability to act," Alex Schickel explains his step. "That's why we at Ferdinand Eisele decided to bundle the various competences of long-serving employees into the highest power of representation." On the occasion of the nomination, he warmly congratulated the new executives and wished them all the best in their new position with flowers and a gift of a book.


 Management and authorised signatories of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH 
The managing directors of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Alex Schickel (centre) and Susanne Schickel (right) with the new authorised signatories Andrea Schwenker (far right), Matthias Jaschke (far left) and Jürgen Messerer

Staff increase in sales

Maike Mehwald hired after her apprenticeship

Birkenfeld, July 2021. Maike Mehwald successfully completed her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with an additional qualification as a foreign trade assistant. Ms Mehwald will join the permanent staff of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and will be responsible for sales in the area of order writing and order processing.

With previous education at the start
New to eXtra4 but not new to sales is Ms Maike Mehwald already at the start of her apprenticeship in September 2019. She can already look back on 3 years of experience from the retail trade. Via the high school graduation programme of a textile chain store, she first completed an apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman and then trained to become a trade specialist IHK. But the future field of work cannot satisfy her and so she decides to shift her focus of activity to industry with a second apprenticeship.

Facing new challenges with commitment
Thanks to her impressive comprehension skills, accuracy and analytical thinking, Ms Mehwald quickly settled into her new area of work: She soon became familiar with the customs of the jewellery and watch industry as well as the complex technical processes of a manufacturing company in the printing and packaging industry. Even during her apprenticeship, she supervises her own projects and can thus make a valuable contribution to the further development of the company.

Determined to succeed despite the pandemic
Although the time of Maike Mehwald's training at eXtra4 Labelling Systems is almost entirely overshadowed by the problems of the Corona pandemic, the young woman does not let the adverse external circumstances deter her from her goal: On 22.07.2021, she completed her second apprenticeship with the last successful exam. Management and colleagues warmly welcome her to the staff of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. They wish Ms Mehwald all the best for her new job in sales, in the area of order writing and order processing.


 Maike Mehwald's start after aprenticeship 
Managing Director Alex Schickel congratulates the newly qualified industrial clerk Maike Mehwald with a gesture appropriate to the pandemic
Maike Mehwald's kick-off 
On behalf of the staff, Andrea Schwenker, assistant to the management and trainer, wishes the new colleague Maike Mehwald all the best in the sales department

Portrait Pro-Afrika Project

eXtra4 supports Kindernothilfe partner "Thandanani"

July 2021. For more than 10 years, eXtra4 Labelling Systems has been making annual donations to a specific project in South Africa through Kindernothilfe: In the AIDS-stricken region of KwaZulu-Natal, Kindernothilfe's partner "Thandanani" supports affected children, their caring relatives and the local communities in many ways. Special emphasis is placed on helping people to help themselves in order to achieve long-term improvements for all.
This is what prompted eXtra4 to commit to "Thandanani" and this Kindernothilfe project. Because the company has maintained business contacts with South Africa for many years. For just as long, eXtra4 Managing Director Alex Schickel has harboured a passion for Africa and its people.
In its recently published issue, Kindernothilfe's magazine portrays how the Thandanani project works and lets the supported families have their say.
Read the Kindernothilfe article on Thandanani

Learn more about the eXta4 Africa engagement

 Bericht Spenden-Projekt von Kindernothilfe
Bericht Spenden-Projekt von Kindernothilfe
Projektbericht der Kindernothilfe

Donation for local school

eXtra4 supports Friends of the School Association in their social-media skills project

10 March 2021: The Friends of the School Association of the Ludwig-Uhland-Schule in Birkenfeld expressed its sincere thanks for an eXtra4 donation. The parents of the local primary, secondary and intermediate school are involved in this association in order to realise projects for the school and their children that are not feasible with school funds.

The school with a math/science focus is very concerned about the social-media skills of students - but also parents. For this reason, the association has provided the families of its school with access to tutorial videos by social pedagogue and Youtuber Clemens Beisel as part of a "Digital Parents' Evening".
He informs in an intensive and at the same time entertaining way about dangers on the net and gives tips on how to learn to deal with them.

In keeping with the activities of its subsidiary eXtra Software+Service GmbH as a software company, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH has supported this valuable project with a donation.

Particularly in difficult times, such as the current pandemic, the management believes that commitment must be encouraged to preserve a piece of everyday life for the schools that are so badly affected.


 Dankschreiben des Foerdervereins der Ludwig-Uhland-Schule 
Letter of thanks from the Ludwig-Uhland-School's Friends of the School Associantion.
Donation Report in Birkenfeld Municipal Gazette 
Donation Report in Birkenfeld Municipal Gazette


Brochure on Software eXtra4<winIII>

Software for label printing at a glance

February 2021. The core function of eXtra4<winIII> is label printing for jewellery and watches. The software also offers numerous additional functions. All features of eXtra4 are now clearly presented in the new brochure.

On 6 pages you will find everything you need to decide which of the seven editions is the right one for which user needs: whether the free version for direct output of a single label, the single-user solution with integrated database or the multi-user version including process management

QR codes allow direct access to the test version, catalogue and webshop. A selection of hardware and labels rounds off the range.
View the brochure now.
More about eXtra4<winIII> here on the website.
Read further brochures on more products from eXtra4.


  Titel winIII software
Brochure label printing software eXtra4<winIII>

New catalogue

Modern design - old prices

Birkenfeld, 11.01.2021. The entire stock range in a single brochure - both for labelling via computer and thermal transfer printer and for labelling by hand! The new catalogue from eXtra4 Labelling Systems provides an overview of all products for labelling jewellery, watches and gemstones that can be obtained from Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and its subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH at a fixed price without production order.

A fresh catalogue concept
Where previously two catalogues had to be consulted, one shows with a uniform design what labels, software, printers, scanners and accessories are available from stock. The updated design not only integrates two worlds - manual marking and data technology, it also lifts visual quality and clarity to a new level:more image material clarifies the use of labels, a clear structure with comprehensible colouring and symbolism makes it easier to find one's way around the extensive range. QR codes digitally integrate in-depth information from brochures and the website via mobile devices.

Product range updated - prices constant
With the design revision, the assortment was also streamlined, new products were added and items that were no longer in demand were removed. If any items you have come to love are no longer listed in the new catalogue, please inquire! As a gesture of goodwill, we often continue to supply existing clients. Remaining stocks are also still sold, of course! - And all this takes place at the already valid prices. Despite the new look for the entire stock range, catalogue prices remain constant. They were adjusted a year ago to reflect the increased cost of materials and manufacturing and can usually be maintained for 2 years.


Browse the new catalogue online


Order a catalogue copy and label samples


Overview of all brochures

Promotion video for the catalogue launch
 Katalog Lagerware Neu-Design 
The re-designed catalogue for the eXtra4 Labelling Systems stock range

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