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In the section "Update" you will find current news and press releases about companies and employees of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH as well as eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH with its brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

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Rights of Use

Please note that Ferdinand Eisele GmbH holds the rights of use to all images, texts and other representations (e.g. graphics) published in the News section or available for download. They may only be used for editorial publication.
The use is free of charge with the source reference " eXtra4". For other purposes and high-resolution image material, please contact us in writing.

Portrait Pro-Afrika Project

eXtra4 supports Kindernothilfe partner "Thandanani"

July 2021. For more than 10 years, eXtra4 Labelling Systems has been making annual donations to a specific project in South Africa through Kindernothilfe: In the AIDS-stricken region of KwaZulu-Natal, Kindernothilfe's partner "Thandanani" supports affected children, their caring relatives and the local communities in many ways. Special emphasis is placed on helping people to help themselves in order to achieve long-term improvements for all.
This is what prompted eXtra4 to commit to "Thandanani" and this Kindernothilfe project. Because the company has maintained business contacts with South Africa for many years. For just as long, eXtra4 Managing Director Alex Schickel has harboured a passion for Africa and its people.
In its recently published issue, Kindernothilfe's magazine portrays how the Thandanani project works and lets the supported families have their say.
Read the Kindernothilfe article on Thandanani

Learn more about the eXta4 Africa engagement

 Bericht Spenden-Projekt von Kindernothilfe
Bericht Spenden-Projekt von Kindernothilfe
Projektbericht der Kindernothilfe

Donation for local school

eXtra4 supports Friends of the School Association in their social-media skills project

10 March 2021: The Friends of the School Association of the Ludwig-Uhland-Schule in Birkenfeld expressed its sincere thanks for an eXtra4 donation. The parents of the local primary, secondary and intermediate school are involved in this association in order to realise projects for the school and their children that are not feasible with school funds.

The school with a math/science focus is very concerned about the social-media skills of students - but also parents. For this reason, the association has provided the families of its school with access to tutorial videos by social pedagogue and Youtuber Clemens Beisel as part of a "Digital Parents' Evening".
He informs in an intensive and at the same time entertaining way about dangers on the net and gives tips on how to learn to deal with them.

In keeping with the activities of its subsidiary eXtra Software+Service GmbH as a software company, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH has supported this valuable project with a donation.

Particularly in difficult times, such as the current pandemic, the management believes that commitment must be encouraged to preserve a piece of everyday life for the schools that are so badly affected.


 Dankschreiben des Foerdervereins der Ludwig-Uhland-Schule 
Letter of thanks from the Ludwig-Uhland-School's Friends of the School Associantion.
Donation Report in Birkenfeld Municipal Gazette 
Donation Report in Birkenfeld Municipal Gazette


Brochure on Software eXtra4<winIII>

Software for label printing at a glance

February 2021. The core function of eXtra4<winIII> is label printing for jewellery and watches. The software also offers numerous additional functions. All features of eXtra4 are now clearly presented in the new brochure.

On 6 pages you will find everything you need to decide which of the seven editions is the right one for which user needs: whether the free version for direct output of a single label, the single-user solution with integrated database or the multi-user version including process management

QR codes allow direct access to the test version, catalogue and webshop. A selection of hardware and labels rounds off the range.
View the brochure now.
More about eXtra4<winIII> here on the website.
Read further brochures on more products from eXtra4.


  Titel winIII software
Brochure label printing software eXtra4<winIII>

New catalogue

Modern design - old prices

Birkenfeld, 11.01.2021. The entire stock range in a single brochure - both for labelling via computer and thermal transfer printer and for labelling by hand! The new catalogue from eXtra4 Labelling Systems provides an overview of all products for labelling jewellery, watches and gemstones that can be obtained from Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and its subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH at a fixed price without production order.

A fresh catalogue concept
Where previously two catalogues had to be consulted, one shows with a uniform design what labels, software, printers, scanners and accessories are available from stock. The updated design not only integrates two worlds - manual marking and data technology, it also lifts visual quality and clarity to a new level:more image material clarifies the use of labels, a clear structure with comprehensible colouring and symbolism makes it easier to find one's way around the extensive range. QR codes digitally integrate in-depth information from brochures and the website via mobile devices.

Product range updated - prices constant
With the design revision, the assortment was also streamlined, new products were added and items that were no longer in demand were removed. If any items you have come to love are no longer listed in the new catalogue, please inquire! As a gesture of goodwill, we often continue to supply existing clients. Remaining stocks are also still sold, of course! - And all this takes place at the already valid prices. Despite the new look for the entire stock range, catalogue prices remain constant. They were adjusted a year ago to reflect the increased cost of materials and manufacturing and can usually be maintained for 2 years.


Browse the new catalogue online


Order a catalogue copy and label samples


Overview of all brochures

Promotion video for the catalogue launch
 Katalog Lagerware Neu-Design 
The re-designed catalogue for the eXtra4 Labelling Systems stock range

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