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The Support-Ticket-System of eXtra4

Help for all label printing users

With eXtra4 support, you benefit from many years of practical experience with label printing systems.
Whether you are already a customer of eXtra4 and have purchased your printing system from us is irrelevant.
Every user has access to our expert knowledge for his individual issues with software and hardware for label printing.
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Buy your ticket now and participate!

Buy a support ticket from eXtra4 now and get advice and action from our label printing experts for your specific problem as soon as possible.
Click on the logo to go to the order form. We will immediately send you an eXtra4 support ticket with your personal ticket number under which we will set up your account for crediting and billing support units for you.

The eXtra4 support services

Individual solution for label printing problems

Support at eXtra4 means a consulting service for the elimination of hardware and software faults in labelling systems. The support service is generally provided verbally and remotely, and can also be provided personally on the spot.
As a participant of the Support-Ticket-System you can send us support requests by phone, fax, e-mail or in person in our company..
Phone: +49 7231 9479-0
Telefax: +49 7231 949990

The eXtra4 support times:

We will help you as quickly as possible in the case of label printing problems. During our office hours, a support staff is available to help you solve your problem. Our eXtra4-Team will be at your disposal on the following days:

Mo to Thu:  8.00-12.00 und 13.00 - 16.00
Friday: 8.00-12.00

Compensation for support services

Support effort under control

Support times at eXtra4 are billed in units of 1/10th of an hour (6 minutes) each. A Support-Ticket includes 10 support units of 6 minutes each. With a support ticket you can purchase one hour of support for € 87, 50.
Support, which arises due to errors in software and hardware purchased from us, is free of charge.

1 Ticket = 60 min Support = € 87,50

Billing of support services

The cost of support will be invoiced after completion of the process, i. e. after the rectification of the fault that has occurred.
The accrued time units of the support will first be offset against the credit on the support account. If the support credit is not sufficient to cover the support costs, the non-secured expenses will be charged via invoice.
In order to avoid insignificant invoice values, invoices are only drawn up from an expense of more than 2 units. Smaller support expenses are booked as a minus credit.
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Technical expertise independent as subsidiary

Our support know-how at eXtra4 is based on more than three decades of experience with label printing systems. Since 2016, we have outsourced this wealth of experience to eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH, a legally independent company that bundles the sectors of software for labelling and identification including associated services such as support and hardware support.
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Account control - your support assets
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As the owner of an eXtra4 Support-Ticket, you can check the status of your support account and the corresponding bookings with any current software from our company. You only need Internet access, but no Internet browser (such as Firefox or Chrome).
Clients without access to eXtra4 software are welcome to request our Printer Support Tool, which also provides this function.

Our support and sales staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our support ticket system


Collect support credits through eXtra4 products

Cost-conscious label printing users also opt for the Support-Bonus-System when participating in the Support-Ticket-System. It rewards the purchase of consumables from eXtra4 Labelling Systems with bonus points. Participants can easily collect additional support units on their support account and conveniently make provisions for possible emergencies.
Learn more about the Support-Bonus-System >>


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