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Inkjet printer / label printer with inkjet process

An inkjet printer produces a hair-thin print image with ink drops in pixel size. That's why inkjet printers are widely used in all industries, both for direct marking of products and for label printing.

However, this often results in monochrome, mostly black, low-resolution printing with little demand on durability and appearance, as long as legibility is guaranteed. Commercially available inkjet printers for monochrome printing on conventional labels are therefore not suitable for marking jewellery and watches.

High-resolution inkjet printers with 4-colour capability, on the other hand, are a real option for the demands of the jewellery and watch industry. However, they are only suitable when label material is used that allows ink droplets to drip from the surface into the label. Only then is the print smudge and scratch resistant. Even the influence of moisture and UV radiation is no longer detrimental. Ultrasound resistance can also be achieved.

Inkjet printer
Inkjet printer
Inkjet printer
Inkjet printer


Exclusive 4C Inkjet Printer Solution

We do not stock conventional inkjet printers for single-colour printing only of labels of average quality. They can hardly meet the requirements in the jewellery and watch segment.
We recommend inkjet printers as an exclusive solution for demanding users: devices for 4-colour printing with high resolution produce photo quality at an increasingly attractive price-performance ratio. In combination with special material suitable for inkjet, labels with colour motifs such as logos or photos can be produced just-in-time, even in very small print runs. Selected inkjet printers with 4C capability can be found in our printer portfolio.


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