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Responsible for concept, contents and links (editor)
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH


Carl-Benz-Strasse 17
D-75217 Birkenfeld (Pforzheim)
fon: +49 7231 - 9479-0
fax: +49 7231 - 9499-90

General Manager

Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) Alex Schickel
Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH) Susanne Schickel

Trade register

HR Pforzheim B 50 53 73

Sales tax ID number

DE 813 568 918


Ferdinand Eisele GmbH hereby formally dissociate from the contents of any linked external sites and draw your attention to the fact that we do not have any influence on their contents.

Ferdinand Eisele GmbH do not assume any guaranty for the functionality and/or the correctness of the linked external sites or the data shown there.

Under no circumstances Ferdinand Eisele GmbH assume any liability for any damage respectively any consequential damage or any kind of loss which is caused directly or indirectly by the operation, the non-operation, the use or the application in any form of data or material from linked external sites.

By following any links of the web site of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH you accept our legal standpoint.

This declaration is valid for all linked pages of the web site of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH.


All texts, pictures and other items published on this web site are subject to the copyright of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Birkenfeld, if not marked differently. Any copying, spreading, storing, transmission, sending and replay respectively transmission of the contents is formally prohibited without written authorisation by Ferdinand Eisele GmbH.

Concept and design

Gernot Pfeiffer - cross media producer
Robert-Bosch-Str. 14 - 75334 Straubenhardt
Tel.: 07082/93472
Ulrich Brüggemann - Mediengestaltung
Schönblickstr. 4 - 75305 Neuenbürg
Tel.: 07082/940120

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Dipl.Wirt.Ing.(FH) Susanne Schickel
Dipl.Wirt.Ing.(FH) Alex Schickel

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