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Labelling for Gemstones: Software Editions

Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Basic, single-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Basic"
Gemstone Management
Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Business, multi-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Business"

Software for the Management of Gemstones

Organize precious stones efficiently with labels

Labels are the key to gemstone management with eXtra4<gemID>. They carry the unique identity of each stone as coded imprint. In contrast to traditional stock management software, eXtra4<gemID> software masters the handling of the combinatorial variety of quality features, which is decisive for gemstones.
The coded label was developed especially for and with industry insiders to efficiently organize their gemstone stock:

Faster by scanning instead of writing

Consistent labelling of the entire gemstone stock with the Ident-Code of eXtra4<gemID> results in an immediately noticeable increase in efficiency in the entire administration process. The scanning of the code provides all relevant information of each stone at any place any time. Tedious manual capturing over and over again is no longer necessary. This saves time, errors and costs:
less effort in trade fair preparation
easier order entry
faster invoicing
graphic core benefits eXtra4<gemID> 

Software editions of eXtra4<gemID>

Gemstone management as required

Currently the gemstone software eXtra4<gemID> is available in 2 versions:
The Software-Edition extra4<gemID> „Basic“ is designed as a single-user solution. It has an integrated, local database. Data for marking a stone can be retrieved there and printed as a label.
sscope of services extra4<gemID> Edition Basic
40  500,-

in €
The Software-Edition „Business“ works as a multi-user solution. It uses the multi-user client/server database PostgreSQL for the stone management. This allows direct database access from any number of workstations. Instead on the local computer of a workstation, the database is located on a centrally positioned computer that functions as a server. The database server can either be installed on a suitable, already existing computer or on a small LINUX computer, which eXtra4 pre-installs and provides.
sscope of services extra4<gemID> Edition Business
120  1.500,-

in €

Stone classification as software core

Individual assortment structure as basis for eXtra4<gemID>

The core element of eXtra4<gemID>, the stone management software, is the classification of gems. Therefore, as a first step, each user stores all relevant types of stones and their qualities in the software:
For each type of stone, several typical quality characteristics can be defined, such as country of origin, colours, purity or types of treatment. The specification of the characteristics, in turn, can be defined in unlimited quantities: For "color", for example, the variants "red", "dark red", "red-orange", etc. can be defined.

Individual stone profile as the goal

Further classification criteria result from the type and shape of cut and other processing options. If stone types and qualities have been created, the stone classes are formed from their combination as the basis for pricing. In addition, a photo can be inserted as reference to make it easier assigning a stone to its class. In combination with the stone weight in carat, the classification within the software eXtra4<gemID> finally gives each individual gemstone a profile as unique specimen via its particular characteristics.
Screenshot classifying gemstones with eXtra4, software for gemstone management
gemtypes - Qualities
gemtypes - Qualities
Screenshot creating an ident code from individual gemstone data with eXtra4, software for gemstone management
Item Coding
Item Coding
Screenshot fair praparation with eXtra4, software for gemstone management
exhibition - fair preparation
exhibition - fair preparation


Ident-Codes for gemstones with eXtra4<gemID>

Streamlining through the use of encrypted labels

The unique identity of each gemstone, the result of the classification, is encoded by the Software eXtra4<gemID> for gemstone management in alphanumeric code. It contains both letters and numbers and consists of 38 digits maximum. Thanks to this considerable size, the code can hold all data necessary for the distribution of a gemstone.
The individual data profile is serving for the labelling of the single stones. It is printed on the label in three different ways:
as a mnemonic key, understandable for trained sales personnel,
as machine-readable matrix code for scanner use
as plain text in excerpts for the presentation to customers.

Matrix-Codes – a lot of data in little space

Only the two-dimensional matrix codes is appropirate for labels in a size suitable for standard stone boxes. In contrast to one-dimensional barcodes, they are able to encrypt data volumes to the required extent in the smallest of spaces.
With the box available directly at the gemstone, the coded label offers access to all sales-relevant data at any time anywhere - without any connection to a database. The data can be retrieved by scanner and conveniently be processed.
gemstone box with coded label 

eXtra4<gemID> Windows based

The gemstone management eXtra4<gemID> is in its origin a Windows application. This is why the software is not platform-independent, but runs exclusively on Microsoft systems.
We accompany beginners in gemstone management with eXtra4<gemID> during the first steps. Please contact the eXtra4-Support.

Logo eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Our labelling systems in the field of software and associated services are supported by our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH. 

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Licensing and language versions

The software eXtra4<gemID> is geared to the needs of the gemstone industry and its often family-structured businesses. So that all employees can work with the gemstone management, the purchase of a license of eXtra4<gemID> includes the possibility to use the program on any number of computers within a company (site license) .
The gemstone management software eXtra4<gemID> is aimed at the international market. Accordingly, the software is bilingual. The user can choose between German and English.

Purchase and Support

If you are considering purchasing the software eXtra4<gemID> for stone management, you will receive the full version of the software for testing as soon as you fill out and send the form that appears when you click on the buy icon. Our support experts will then take care of adapting the program to the local conditions. Therefore, the purchase price of the gemstone management eXtra4<gemID> already includes an contingent of support units (1 unit = 6 minutes).

We generally provide support by telephone and online (remotely) during our office hours (Mon – Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00). Please contact us via phone +49 7231 94790 or via mail.


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