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Label design with standard software

Design the layout of the label print yourself

If you want to determine the form and appearance of your data on a label in all details yourself, you can use standardized software for label design, so-called Label-Designer. These programs enable the creation of individual label layouts for selected label printers via a design screen. Programming knowledge is not required for this.

Desktop-Publishing for labels

Label designers are layout tools for labels in the broadest sense. With their help, users generate and place label contents such as barcodes and texts from their data. The code type and its dimensions as well as text parameters, e.g. font, size, line spacing etc. are freely selectable.
In addition to the design tasks, the program also manages label printing. The software prepares the label contents for the connected printer and controls the output on the label.
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Professional label design with NiceLabel® labels

Label specialist eXtra4 recommends the market leader

If it is necessary to create new label layouts on a regular basis, NiceLabel® offers itself as the world's leading software from a European manufacturer. We as label specialists at eXtra4 recommend the use of NiceLabel® as a professional full program. The use of NiceLabel® design software, which today often comes free of charge with label printers, is only advisable when external data does not need to be accessed.

Software with professional competence for label design

NiceLabel® enables the use of TrueType fonts, can rotate text arbitrarily, manages complex sequential numbering, and is able to access external databases. In addition, the software can control almost any thermal transfer printer on the market.

Which version is the right one?

As a powerful program, NiceLabel® bundles its label design expertise in various customized program editions. Before you make your selection, let NiceLabel® advise you! We will be happy to send you price information and a download link for the trial version.

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User help with practical experience

Using NiceLabel® as a professional universal label design software does not require programming skills and is not difficult. However, some experience working with Windows graphical applications is required.
We are happy to support inexperienced users with help and advice or extensive training. Since we use NiceLabel® in our own company, we can rely on the experience we have gained in our daily work.

Support and Support-Times

We provide support as part of our Support-Ticket-System.
Here we offer support and consulting services like a conventional product for everyone - even for users who are not yet eXtra4 customers.
Learn more about the Support-Ticket-System >> suppticksystem bw sm
We generally provide support by telephone and online (remotely) during our office hours (Mon – Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00).
Please contact us via phone +49 7231 94790 or via Mail.


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