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Print-Tool for eXtra4<winIII>

Automatic data transfer for label printing from third-party systems

As an independent background application, eXtra4<monitor> automatically checks a defined area for the presence of label data from third-party systems. For monitoring, a data directory can be defined or a data field in a database.

If data is detected, the print-tool automatically transfers it to a thermal transfer printer without user intervention. Both the label contents and the control commands for the upcoming print job are transmitted. The printer starts the printing process and outputs the transferred data as printed labels.

The connected printer must be pre-configured accordingly. The label printing software eXtra4<winIII> in its free "Lite" edition is used here. The data itself is generated in the third-party system and output from there. Direct intervention in the third party system is not necessary for label printing.

Packshot neutral eXtra4<monitor>
The software modul eXtra4<monitor> is available in two different versions, but at the same price.
The purchase price includes 10 units (10 x 6 minutes) of support. For the integration of eXtra4<monitor> into a third-party system on site, technical support is required in any case, regardless of which of the two versions of software eXtra4<monitor> is used.
core functions eXtra4<monitor>
10  199,-

in €

for label printing from a data directory

Transfer of label contents in format .txt

The print-tool eXtra4<monitorTX> controls a certain directory for the input of a text file. The directory can be situated locally on a computer, including decentralized or centralized on a server, even outsourcing into the cloud is possible. The administration of the third party system must authorize eXtra4<monitorTX> only for access to that directory. In addition, the desired data must be made available in the necessary formatting as a txt file.
If eXtra4<monitorTX> registers that a text file is stored in the monitored directory, the software module immediately transfers it to the target printer. There the necessary label layout has already been stored in the internal memory via eXtra4<winIII>. Now the label can be printed correctly.
Logo screen eXtra4<monitorTX>

for label printing from a database

Import label content from a data field

The print-tool eXtra4<monitorDB> checks the data records of a database for the appearance of a defined mark. The relevant database can be situated locally on a computer, includins decentralized or centrally on a server, storage in the cloud is also feasible. The administration of the third party system must grant eXtra4<monitorDB> only one authorization for read access to the database.
If eXtra4<monitorDB> detects a marked record, the print-tool selects the contents of a previously defined field. The data of the respective data field from the marked data set are immediately forwarded to the target printer. There the necessary label layout is already stored in the internal memory via eXtra4<winIII>. Now the data can be printed correctly on the label.
Logo screen eXtra4<monitorDB>

Operating conditions for eXtra4<monitor>

As a Windows software, the print-tool eXtra4<monitor> matches the corresponding label printing software eXtra4<winIII>. It is only compatible with Microsoft systems. The use of eXtra4<monitor> always requires advice from our experts.
Please contact our support team.

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Our labelling systems in the field of software and associated services are supported by our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH.

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Licensing rights

To enable all employees to print labels, the purchase of a licence of eXtra4 print tools for label printing with eXtra4<winIII> Edition "Lite" includes the possibility to use the software on any number of computers within a company (site licence).
If a company has several locations, a separate licence must be acquired for each one.

Support and service times

The purchase of eXtra4<monitor> for use on the basis of eXtra4<winIII> includes 10 units of inclusive support (10x 6 minutes), because the integration of the software into the system on site requires the support of our software experts.
We generally provide support by telephone and online (remotely) during our business hours (Mon - Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00).
Please contact us at +49 7231 94790 or by mail.


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