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Download the software <eXtra4winIII>

How to get the free basic version

To download the label printing software eXtra4<winIII> we need the address data of the new user. Please click on the download icon, complete the form and send it.
You will receive the download link for the software by e-mail. A double click on the link in the mail downloads the software into the download area of your computer. A double click on the program file triggers the installation on the computer. Now the label printing software eXtra4<winIII> is running, but in its lowest expansion level, the free edition "Ultra Lite".
By activation to the selected edition
In order to use the label printing program eXtra4<winIII> in the desired edition, the software must be activated. This is done with the personal license number via the software's help function.
You receive your personal license number by purchasing a paid edition or by registering (in the help function of the program, only for Edition Lite). Only after activation is the software available in scope of the corresponding edition.

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Purchase of a software edition of eXtra4<winIII>

Become an authorized user via license number

For the purchase of a certain software edition of the label printing software eXtra4<winIII> we need, in addition to the address data of the prospective user, information about the label printer to be used. Please click on the "purchase" icon, fill out the form and send it. You will receive an order confirmation and your personal license number for the ordered edtion according to your specifications in the form.
If you would like to print labels with eXtra4<winIII> in an edition of the software that is still under development or is available as a beta version, please contact our support team.  

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Free software editions of eXtra4<winIII>

Use label printing for free

With the editions "Ultra Lite" and "Lite" users can print labels with the softwar eXtra4<winIII> for free. The simplest software version "Ultra Lite" is available by clicking on the download icon.

For an upgrade to Edition "Lite", users of Edition "Ultra Lite" can register from within the software via help function. For confirmation, the user will receive his personal license number by e-mail.


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Support when downloading eXtra4<winIII>

The label printing software eXtra4<winIII> is specifically designed for easy handling. Should you nevertheless be unsure, we will gladly assist you with the first steps. Please contact our support team at +49 7231 94790 or via Mail.

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Instructions for label printing with eXtra4<winIII>
in the help file of the software


Support contingent included in price

The price of a paid edition of eXtra4<winIII> includes the software license and an certain contingent of support units (1 unit = 6 minutes). Of course, we also support users of free software editions without included support within the conditions of our 
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Support and service times

We generally provide support by telephone and online (remote). We are happy to help you with words and deeds during our office hours (Mon - Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00).


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