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Label printers - Printer types according to printing technologies

Thermal Transfer Printer for Jewelry Labels: Label Printer Argox o4
Thermal Transfer Printers
Thermal Transfer Printers
inkjet printer for colour printed jewellery labels: Label printer Epson TM-C3500
Inkjet Printers
Inkjet Printers

Label Printers

Jewellery labels as a challenge for label printers

Not every label printer prints jewellery labels. With their often unusual shapes and small dimensions, labels for jewellery and watches demand a lot from label printers. Printing demands maximum precision. Not only the print image itself, but also the positioning of the print on the label is decisive. Deviations greater than 0.5 millimeters are not acceptable.

Single print without label loss

Label users who rely on our selected range of label printers can be assured that these devices will work reliably with our labels. This also applies when only single labels are printed. We make sure that the transport of the label web in the printer is so precise that even if only one label is printed, usually no labels are wasted due to unnecessary feed or imprecise return.

Thermal transfer label printer from the hardware range of eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Technical expertise for printer purchase

In principle, we are able to supply almost any printer on the market - including label printers for a different requirement profile than necessary for jewellery labels.
Our printer manual under this icon provides an overview of our range of label printers with information on technical data, prices and links to demo videos and driver software:

         cta anruf 50     cta angebot 50     cta shop 50
         cta preise 50

Experience by in-house printer practice
eXtra4 has been relying on label printers that can be controlled via computers since the end of the 80s. At first, they were used for in-house production and the imprint service. Once sufficient expertise has been built up, eXtra4 itself acts as a trader and can build on its own experience. Customers and suppliers particularly appreciate this practical approach of extra4 as their partner for label printers.
 print service on thermal transfer printer eXtra4 Labelling Systems
Authorized dealer for printers
eXtra4 as authorized dealer for well-known thermal transfer printers

At eXtra4, we internationally select the manufactureres of label printers who are able to supply high-quality products on a permanent basis. We exchange ideas with them and strive for a partnership of mutual, trusting cooperation. This enables us to influence the development of our suppliers. We can achieve on-site improvements in production or implement our own in-house technical additions to the label printers.
On this basis, extra4 is now able to present itself on the market as an authorised dealer for the well-known brands TSC, Godex and Argox.

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