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Earring Labels / Jewellery Labels for Earrings, Studs and Creoles

Labels for Earrings are suitable for every usual kind of ear jewellery, which is sold in pairs, so for earrings and creoles, but are also used for ear studs. Since earrings are usually organized and presented hanging on displays, earring labels above the double hole for the jewelry itself have a further opening for the suspension device.
Also possible are label shapes for jewelry sets of earrings with matching necklace, which then accordingly have a fourth opening.
jewellery label for earrings 45 1932


Labels for Earrings

The eXtra4 range offers suitable jewellery labels for earrings both as self-adhesive labels for marking in the label printer and for marking by hand. Since earring labels are a special solution for a small jewelry segment, they are less in demand and therefore only available in a small choice from stock.
You can recognize earring labels for handwriting by this sign: manual writing
Labels marked in this way cannot be printed by computer.


                  for Label Printer

                    cta anruf 50   cta angebot 50   cta formen 50   cta preise 50   cta shop 50


                   for Handwriting
              manual writing    

                    cta anruf 50   cta angebot 50   cta formen 50

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