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Platform-independent label printing
with eXtra4{webPI}

Internet-based solution on Raspberry Pi

The labelling solution eXtra4-webPI enables label printing independent from the operating system of the connected computer. The stand-alone system consists of the browser-compatible software eXtra4<web1>, installed on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The hardware/software tandem doesn't need its own monitor, but communicates with the user via web browser.


Cross-platform label printing autonomous and stable

As a platform-independent system, eXtra4-webPI is compatible with any current computer based on:
label printing is operated separately from the client's system, on the stand-alone Raspberry Pi mini-computer via eXtra4<web1> software.

The software requires a web browser for data entry and control of the label printer. It doesn't matter which one the operator uses on site. Possible is:

Self-contained, eXtra4-webPI runs free of the increasingly restrictive influences of external operating systems and ensures permanently reliable label printing.

software packshot web1 raspi 600x600 

Operator-friendly right from the start

Plug&Play or installed remotely

The eXtra4-webPi system is delivered The eXtra4-webPi system is delivered provided that all parameters relevant for operation are already known in advance.Then Plug&Play becomes true for the user: He plugs in the enclosed cables and can start printing. In other cases, the eXtra4 support takes over the installation remotely as soon as the single-board computer is completely booted. Without further user intervention, the Raspberry Pi logs on to the Internet on its own. Now eXtra4 employees have access and adapt the system to the IT on site until label printing works reliably.

Raspberry Pi circuit board

Type'n'Print via browser

The user operates the label printingon the browser and exploits the possibilities provided by the label printing software eXtra4<winIII> as a core function in Edition Lite. Instead of double-clicking on an icon, however, the application opens by entering a URL in the browser bar. The eXtra4<web1> application starts in the browser window.

With a mouse click, the layouts chosen for the selected label can be displayed on the screen as data entry masks. Data is entered manually via keyboard. Once the data has been typed in, the user defines the print run and triggers label printing.

Rationalisation possibilities result from the use of a scanner for entering item numbers and by preassigning standardised texts to labelling fields. The printing of barcode/matrix code can be integrated as well as the output of a logo together with the data.

label printing cross-platform with eXtra4<web1&gt on Raspberry Pi


Apple users in the focus of eXtra4-webPI

As a cross-platform solution, eXtra4 on Raspberry Pi offers users of Apple systems a stable, permanently reliable system for printing labels. Free of any compatibility constraints, the system can also be used in this constellation for users of devices with any other orientation, such as Windows, Android or Linux, if independence from manufacturers' operating system policyis explicitly desired.

The implementation of eXtra4-webPI requires advice and support from our experts in any case. Please contact our Support-Team.

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Our labelling systems in the field of software and associated services are supported by our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH.

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Scope of delivery

The Raspberry Pi single-board computer has dimensions of little more than a pack of cigarettes (90x30x62 mm BxHxT). It is delivered ready-assembled in a special, well heat-dissipating housing that doesn't require a space-consuming cooling fan. The related software eXtra4<web1> is already pre-installed.

The scope of delivery includes two cables, one for the power supply and one for the connection to the network or router (length 3 m). The device is ready for operation as soon as the two cables are properly connected. Then eXtra4-webPI logs on to the Internet automatically

License rights

The label printing system eXtra4-webPI is automatically multi-user capable due to its network connection: Within the connected company network, data for labels can be entered from any number of workstations via the browser-based software access and their output can be triggered at the connected label printer (site-license).
If a company has several sites, a separate system must be purchased for each

Support and service hours

The purchase of eXtra4-webPI for use at a single site includes a reasonable number of units for approximately 30 minutes of support to ensure platform-independent label printing. Generally, the integration of the cross-platform solution into the on-site system requires the support of our software experts.

We generally provide support by phone and online (remote) within our office hours (Mo – Tu 8.00-16.30, Fr 8.00-12.00). Please contact us by phone +49 7231 94790 or via e-mail.


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