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Gemstone management with software Edition <Lite>

Use eXtra4<gemID> with all core functions

Edition "Lite" is ideal for beginners who want to try gemstone management for their individual needs with the eXtra4<gemID> software. As a fully-fledged basic version of the gemstone software eXtra4<gemID>, it is focused to the essentials. It enables management of gemstones using all core functions of the software:
Users are thus able to classify stones according to individual criteria, label them with a code for unique identification, search for and select stones according to specific quality criteria, create stone lists with defined contents and carry out a key date inventory.

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Also for goldsmiths and jewelers with workshop

Limited to the central software core, eXtra4<gemID> Edition "Lite" is especially designed for jewelers and goldsmiths. This software edition provides them with all the necessary functions to professionally organize their stone assortment for a better overview.
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Microsoft operating system required for eXtra4<gemID> Edition „Lite“

The gemstone management eXtra4<gemID> is in origin a Windows software. Therefore, the software cannot be used platform-independently, but runs exclusively on Microsoft systems.
We accompany users of Edition "Basic" during the first steps with the gemstone management eXtra4<gemID>. Please contact the eXtra4-Support.

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Licensing and installation

The purchase of a license entitles you to use the software on a single computer. This single-user license includes a one-year subscription, i.e. from the date of purchase the buyer receives all software updates free of charge for 12 months.
After the purchase, support experts take care of the adaptation of the software edition "Lite" to the conditions on site. This version of the stone management eXtra4<gemID> therefore already includes a support contingent of 20 units (1 unit = 6 minutes).

Support and service times

Support is generally provided by telephone and online (remote). If you need support, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us under +49 7231 94790 or by Mail.

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