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Digitalization for Gemstone Business

The additional functions of the software eXtra4<gemID>

Because production and trade of gemstones require more IT input than the mere management of the gemstone stock, eXtra<gemID> has numerous additional functions. They support users in industry-typical processes whose complexity cannot be mapped by standard software.
The gemstone business is in its origin a traditional craft. However, the global business transactions common in this industry nowadays are confronting companies more and more with enormous challenges.
Modern IT meets this challenges with its possibilities and opens up promising perspectives for sales and presentation. The embedding of eXtra4<gemID> as an industry solution in day-to-day processes transposes the workflow in the gemstone business to the next higher level towards digitalization of the entire company.

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Additional functions beyond gemstone management

Overview Editions and their Additional Functions

    Lite    Basic Small
Process management
with Address management + Stock control
Presentation module/Sales Force functions
Media management
Multi-user capability  
RFID functions**  
Support Units
20 40 60 120 240
Price in €
plus VAT
250,- 500,- 750,- 1.500,- 3.000,-

* available as beta-version   ** in development


Process management with Address management + Stock control

Process types and process addresses
In addition to the sale of gemstones, extra4<gemID> also manages processes upstream of the sale, such as trade fair supplies, sales force trips and customer buy-or-returns resp. selections for interested parties. Common to all these processes is the change of storage location for a gem item, i.e. the permanent or temporary removal of a gemstone from the main warehouse.
The new storage location is represented in the software by its address, e.g. that of the customer for a sales transaction or the trade fair location for a planned trade fair. Therefore, an address management is integrated into the process management in extra4<gemID>.

Handling of processes
The user can define which processes extra4<gemID> should manage. Currently, 4 different process types can be defined in the software. A real business process must be set up under its process type. Its rule-compliant handling is then divided into three sections:

a) Maintenance of processes
Loading the process with gem items, gem sets or already completely filled containers (trays) takes these objects from the main warehouse and assigns them to the process. The allocation of objects is to be understood as a stock transfer and to be regarded like a booking. The booked gems are no longer available for other processes, so they are blocked until they are sold or reversed.

b) Process control - stock control
The item stock of a process can be controlled at any time. Five booking states show in the item directory where an object from the main warehouse is currently located:
available in the process
available in daughter process
reversed to main warehouse
Depending on the type of process, various frequencies for stock control are conceivable: once for sales processes, twice for buy-or-returns, for trade fair and sales force processes more frequently, e.g. at the end of each day, for particular containers possibly even several times a day. The scanning of the eXtra4 gem code on each item only makes monitoring possible that way. It becomes even more efficient with the additional use of RFID.

c) Process closure
Only a rule-compliant closing of an process unblocks its warehouse objects (gem items, sets, containers) and makes them accessible for bookings again. Processes that cause a decrease of the stock, e.g. sales, can be closed per lump sum basis.
The whereabouts of each item is decided individually in case of selective closing. It is mandatory for process that do not cause an immediate alteration in the stock by adding an item, e.g. buy-or-return and trade fair supplies.

Presentation module / Sales Force functions

The presentation module supports sales activities of office staff and field staff. In order to be able to work with it independently of internet access, sales force computers must always have the current data stock loaded.
Presentation of gemstone stock
The eXtra4<gemID> software considers as presentation everything that serves the sales initiation, but does not result in a direct stock alteration, e.g. a preparatory selection of stones. It does not yet trigger a booking, but is to be understood merely as a summary of gem items.

Cart collects stone selection
In eXtra4<gemID>, the cart is used for summarizing gem items. The cart, comparable to an order, accommodates all items that are shortlisted.

Cart setup via address
Each presentation has to start with setting up a cart. This is basically done with reference to address data of a customer/prospect. For assigning the address, eXtra4<gemID> offers three possibilities:
data transfer from clients data base
manual data collection
photo attachment, e.g. of a business card


Setting up a cart on an address via a business card photo

Fast data transfer via Cart
The Cart makes processes from trade shows and sales force transportable - unbureaucratically and quickly. In terms of data, the Cart corresponds to a small database. It is transmitted by e-mail to the head office. There, a process is set up from the data content in a formally correct way. Only then bookings of gem items are made. The cart itself is not linked to any booking and can simply be discarded without completion.


Media management

Important part of the presentation module is the media management. It organizes data to illustrate a gemstone, such as professional photos, movies and documents. Due to their large data volume, these files are unwieldy for mobile use and unsuitable for direct dispatch.

Web space as media library
To make large data volumes manageable, the media management of eXtra4<gemID> is based on a web space. It offers sufficient memory for the entire media data of each single gem item and guarantees access from anywhere via the Internet.
The eXtra4<gemID> software provides the management of the data and its integration into business processes. Media can be managed in four different data formats:
Images (.jpg)
Web applications (.html) with the corresponding URL
Documents (.pdf)
Video (.mp4)

Cloud-Symbol Wolke
           Cloud-Symbol Wolke
Medien-Liste zu einem einzelnen Artikel

Media linked with gem items
The eXtra4<gemID> software only stores media with file name including storage location at the respective gemstone in the item master. A media list for each gemstone shows which documents can be retrieved. There they can be selected by click and called up for viewing on the screen, e.g. during a presentation in the head office, while traveling at the customer's site or during a trade fair.

Media dispatch via link by e-Mail
The written presentation in an offer is supported by eXtra4<gemID> via the media management with multimedia e-mails. They are generated from the content of a cart using the user's standard mail program. The offer is not sent as an attachment, but appears as the body text of the e-mail itself, HTML-formatted, including the company logo. The mail content is already visible in the preview of the e-mail client, without cumbersome opening of an attachment.
Integrated documents from the media management are directly assigned to the gems in the individual offer items via link. Meaningful terms such as "video" or "certificate" serve as clickable link text instead of the usually overlong cloud address. The full functionality of the e-mail including links is also guaranteed on mobile devices.

Multi-user capability

The extra4<gemID> software uses the multi-user client/server database PostgreSQL for gemstone management. It allows direct database access from any number of workstations. The software provides a separate tool for the administration of different user access rights.
Instead of being stored on the local computer of a workstation, the data is stored on a centrally located computer that acts as a server. The database server can either be installed on a suitable, already existing computer or provided by eXtra4 on a small LINUX computer.

RFID functions

Software concept already designed for RFID
As gemstone management software, eXtra4<gemID> opens up the advantages of RFID-supported systems via a client/server database and the RFID solution of eXtra4. Already the concept of the software foresees the use of this technology from scratch, because the traditional organization of gemstones in boxes and containers (trays) offers ideal conditions for an RFID-based software edition. The launch of a pilot solution is planned for the turn of the year 2021/2022. First functions and hardware access are already considered in the current version of eXtra4<gemID>.
Groundbreaking possibilities for gemstone management
Inventory is greatly accelerated and simplified by RFID: inventory items no longer need to be recorded individually. RFID records items in large quantities simultaneously. Instead of piece by piece, data is collected from the contents of a container, such as a tray or show case, completely in one shot. Inventory can no longer be taken only annually or daily, but takes place permanently. Such large amounts of data accumulate (Big Data) that evaluations in every direction are conceivable: Localization of items, pre-sales statistics, monitoring of goods movements, etc.

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Software in 5 editions with effective additional functions

The core function of the eXtra4<gemID> software is gem management, but it also offers powerful additional functions. In contrast to gemstone management, which all editions contain in the same form, the additional functions are graduated in their possibilities according to demand. The requirement levels in 5 editions build on each other.

Whether you are a jeweler or goldsmith with a gemstone stock, a traditional stone cutter or an international stone dealer, every user will find a suitable edition with features really needed. Upgrades from one edition to the next can open up further additional functions as required later on.

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