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for special solutions with eXtra4<winIII>

Label printing for third-party systems with eXtra4<winIII>

Third-party systems, such as stock management, web store or website, extend their possibilities in printing labels with data from their own integrated database by eXtra4 printing tools. For the printing process they rely on the precision of the label printing software eXtra4<winIII>: for the configuration of the driven label printer the free edition "Lite" of eXtra4<winIII> is used.
The data for the label is generated in the third-party system and output from there. The eXtra4 print tools ensure the correct and smooth transfer of the data to be printed to the connected printer and transmit the necessary control data for the upcoming print job.
Direct external intervention in the third-party system is not required for label printing.

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Data transfer automatically or manually

Two types of printing tools are available for the use of the label printing software eXtra4<winIII> by third-party systems. They differ in the way of data transfer:
Automatically, the data transfer is done with eXtra4<monitor> in a background process that is not visible to the user.

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The print data are transferred actively and manually by the user with eXtra4<dropit>. This print tool acts as a front-end software.

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Operating conditions for eXtra4 Print-Tools

As Windows applications, the Print-Tools match the corresponding label printing software eXtra4<winIII>. It is only compatible with Microsoft systems. The use of eXtra4 Print-Tools always requires advice from our experts.
Please contact our support team.

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Our labelling systems in the field of software and associated services are supported by our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH.

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License rights

In order to allow all employees to print labels, the purchase of a license of eXtra4 Print-Tools for label printing with eXtra4<winIII> Edition "Lite" includes the possibility to use the software on any number of computers within a company (site license).
If a company has several locations, a separate license must be purchased for each.

Support and service times

The purchase of eXtra4 Print-Tools for use on the basis of eXtra4<winIII> Edition Lite includes an appropriate number of units of support (1 unit = 6 minutes) to enable third-party systems for label printing. In any case, the integration of the software tool into the on-site system requires the support of our software experts.
We generally provide support by telephone and online (remotely) during our business hours (Mon - Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00).
Please contact us at +49 7231 94790 or by mail.


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