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In the Novelties section you will find reports and press releases on the latest innovations in products and services for labels, software and hardware for label printing from Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH with its brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

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Via copy & paste to printed labels

eXtra4<dropIT> software tool makes label printing from third-party systems quite simple

Birkenfeld, 22.03.2021. Label printing with data from proprietary database systems such as web shops, websites or stock management is no longer a challenge with eXtra4<dropIT>. The new software tool from eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH converts copied text from a computer's clipboard into print data. For the printing itself, the subsidiary of label specialist Ferdinand Eisele from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, Germany, relies on its own tried-and-tested eXtra4<winIII> software. Direct access to the third-party system is not necessary with eXtra4<dropIT>. For users, label printing is simplified to a matter of copy & paste.

Label printing as a copying process
As an independent front-end software, eXtra4<dropIT> is actively operated by the user: He manually places data from the clipboard of his computer system into the window of eXtra4<dropIT> using the "Paste" command (Ctrl + V or Ctrl + V). Where the data in the clipboard comes from is arbitrary. The user can grab it in any third-party system by using the copy command (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+C), e.g. in a PDF document, a spreadsheet table, a text file or in the data record of a database.

Independent of source data
Due to the copying process, eXtra4<dropIT> makes label printing independent of source data: Just as the format of the original data can be arbitrary, its storage location is also irrelevant. Whether local computer, central server or cloud - the print tool does not require access to the third-party system. Users of cloud-based solutions for stock management, web shops or cash registers in particular therefore have easy access to label printing via eXtra4<dropIT>.

Transformation and transfer via scripting
The task of eXtra4 as a printing tool is to convert the copied data into printable labels. For this purpose the software uses scripting technology. A script determines which parts of the copied data are adapted in which way for a specific label. The scripting must be created individually, suitable for the type of source data in question and in accordance with the intended goal: printed text in defined design on a specific label in a specific printer. This means that not only the printable label contents are prepared and transferred, but also the necessary control commands for the connected printer. ...


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Software tool eXtra4<dropIT> for label  printing
Software tool eXtra4<dropIT> for label printing from third-party systems via copy & paste

Printing tool eXtra4<dropIT> from eXtra4  Software+Service GmbH for label printing from third-party systems with  eXtra4<winIII>Printing tool eXtra4<dropIT> from eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH for label printing from third-party systems with eXtra4<winIII>

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