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More Convenience in Gemstone Business

Innovations in industry software eXtra4<gemID>

Birkenfeld, 04.09.2020 Investments in convenience and efficiency characterize the latest development phase of eXtra4<gemID>, the gemstone management software. The industry solution for the gemstone sector from eXtra4 has undergone numerous ergonomic changes. eXtra4 Software + Service aims at significantly accelerating the work with the application. Visitors of the trade show Gemworld, in Munich/Germany - 30.10. - 01.11.2020 - can get an idea of the changes in the product of the IT subsidiary of the identity technology specialist Ferdinand Eisele at booth 500 in hall B5.

More information on the coded label
The characteristic portrait of each individual stone is the core element in gemstone management with eXtra4<gemID>. It is created by classifying its quality features according to criteria that can be individually configured in the software. The data profile of the stone appears on labels in three different ways - as matrix code, as mnemonic code and in shortened clear text. Stone boxes labelled in this way enable efficient management via scanner.

Where originally 24 digits in the code encrypted the relevant properties of a stone, today 38 digits are available for more details and more precise profiling. There is also space for additional address data on the label. It is even possible to print a company logo using the thermal transfer label printer.

Improved database search
If you have to know for an offer which stones of a certain type are in stock, you need extensive search functions in the article master. In addition to a full text search, eXtra4 offers extended possibilities to set filters in the database. A new option are parameterized SQL queries. They allow to save the criteria for standard recurring searches. Without having to laboriously compile new search criteria over and over again, these queries are available at the push of a button

Thanks to these features, eXtra4 delivers accurate search results with great reliability and shortens the response time of customer service. A particularly efficient feature is that the results of a gemstone search can be selected and copied to a clipboard for the use in other documents. As a table in a letter or e-mail, the results complete each correspondence in a meaningful way. ...


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Logo IT-Subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Coded label with gemstone data profile from eXtra4<gemID>Coded label for managing gemstones with eXtra4<gemID>
eXtra4<gemID>, management software for gemstones
eXtra4<gemID> , management software provides more convenience for the gemstone business


ARGOX label printer exclusively for eXtra4

Printer model O4 specially modified for jewelry labels

Birkenfeld, 29.07.2020. With the desktop printers O4-250M and O4-350M, eXtra4 Labelling Systems for the first time includes devices in its product range that are specified for the printing of jewellery labels according to the demands of the labelling experts from Pforzheim, Germany. The thermal transfer label printers are manufactured by ARGOX. The Taiwanese company, subsidiary of the renowned printer manufacturer SATO, is open for a cooperation and equips its standard model O4 exclusively for eXtra4 with a modified print head.

Precision of standard printers not sufficient
Frequent model changes and the need to cut costs have reduced the performance of thermal transfer label printers to such an extent that standard models from the desired price segment can no longer satisfactorily meet the requirements of jewellery labels: For the marking of jewellery and watches, material combinations are used whose thickness cannot be processed precisely by these devices. Especially the forward/backward transport makes many fail here. However, eXtra4 Labelling Systems attaches great importance to this.

Printers from eXtra4 with exclusive equipment
Printing one label and wasting several is not an option for eXtra4. The ARGOX printer O4 is therefore equipped with a custom print head for eXtra4. It enables the precise backfeed of the label web and thus the printing of single labels without losing a number of labels due to the necessary feed for taking off the printed one. Furthermore, eXtra4 includes a reel core adapter with every O4 printer. The core adapter also allows labels to be printed accurately on larger reel cores than the original guiding elements are capable of. As standard, they are only designed for a core diameter of 0.5 inch. ...


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modified for eXtra4 : label printer O4 from ArgoxOnly from eXtra4: thermal transfer printer ARGOX O4-250M (200dpi) and O4-350M (300dpi) modified for jewelry labels
easy to use: the clamshell design of the new eXtra4 thermal transfer printer from ARGOX
The clamshell design makes the new eXtra4 thermal transfer printer from ARGOX easily accessible for ribbon and label changes
Variable connection options for the ARGOX O4 thermal transfer printer modified for eXtra4Variable connection options for the ARGOX O4 thermal transfer printer modified for eXtra4

Price breaker in the 2D scanner sector

With the ARGOX AS-9400 the 100-EURO benchmark at eXtra4 drops

Birkenfeld, 04.05.2020 For the first time eXtra4 Labelling Systems presents a 2D scanner in the double-digit price segment. With the ARGOX AS-9400 the indent technology provider for the jewellery and watch industry breaks through the hitherto price threshold of 100 €. With the Taiwanese manufacturer's new scanner model, Matrix-Code can now become a real competitor for barcodes in the labelling of jewellery and watches.

2D versus 1D
The ARGOX AS-9400 removes the cost obstacle to the use of matrix codes. With its double-digit price, the new scanner model is close on the heels of standard 1D scanners. Until now, it was the cost-intensive reading optics that caused 2D scanners to fall behind 1D scanners. This is despite the fact that two-dimensional codes, such as matrix and QR, offer users significant advantages over conventional bar codes:

2D Scanner ARGOX AS-9300
In the class of 2D readers the AS-9300 faces the competition. Its image performance is based on a quad-core chip and makes it the fastest reader at the start. Multi-lingually equipped, he understands all common codes in 1D and 2D format. With its precise optics, it even reads from LCD screens and mobile phone displays.

The scanner works in manual mode by trigger or automatically on the supplied stand. Optical and acoustic signals confirm successful scanning. device dimensions (LxHxB) approx. 90x179x73 mm, 185 g weight. ). With USB 2.0 connection cable. 36 months manufacturer warranty (Bring-in service). B-to-B price: € 125,- (plus VAT, status 07/2019).

With their punchy price and this performance, both scanners should clearly be in the pool position with cost-sensitive customers of eXtra4: the GS220U from GODEX in the 1D-class and the AS-9300 from ARGOX in the 2D-league.


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New in the eXtra4 product range: 2D-Scanner ARGOX AS-9400ARGOX AS-9400 as first 2D scanner at eXtra4 Labelling Systems competitively priced with 1D scanners
New in the eXtra4 product range: 2D-Scanner ARGOX AS-9400ARGOX AS-9400 2D scanner at eXtra4 Labelling Systems attractive 1D alternative for labelling jewellery and watches

Price Decoration with eXtra4 Label Holders

Labels and printer in new mission for shop window and showcase

Birkenfeld, 12.03.2020 Use existing labelling system and swiftly price the decoration! - Label holders from eXtra4 Labelling Systems work like interchangeable frames for proven price labels. They are simply pushed into the holders and can thus be set up in two positions. The label specialist eXtra4 from Pforzheim wants to show with its new development an alternative to price plugging systems and other, often tedious, methods of pricing for shop windows and showcases.

Holders for popular label shapes
The new label holders are tailored for the most popular labels in the eXtra4 range for jewellery and watches. They are available in two sizes: For labels with loop No. 44 1072 and 34 870IR. Their marking areas of 22 x 10 mm or 18 x 8 mm fit exactly into the insertion rails on the front.
With the help of the integrated stand on the back, the holders can be placed in two positions: steep (70°) for decoration at eye level or inclined (40°) for comfortable reading from above. Of course, other label shapes can also be used with the eXtra4 holders, provided they have the appropriate dimensions, e.g. eXtra4 labels for thread type 34 1044 and 34 835IR.

Variety for individual designs
The range of label holders is made of UV-resistant plastic, is colourfast and dimensionally stable. Each of the two sizes is available in three colours: white, black and transparent. Combined with the wide range of colours of matching labels available from stock - white, black, metallic gold and silver as well as transparent - there is an enormous range of design possibilities. If different thermal transfer ribbons are also used for printing in gold, silver, black, white, red, blue and green, there is something for every taste, from decent to elegant.

Easy handling
With the new label holders, owners of an eXtra4 labelling system need only a few steps until they have a price tag ready for decoration: Select the appropriate layout, enter data or import from the database, print the label, cut off the loop and insert the folded label into the holder. ...


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Size comparison Label Holder 86 EH1-S (right), Label Holder 86 EH2-SSize Label Holder 86 EH1 and 86 EH2
Presentation example Label Holder 86 EH2-S for labels with marking areas 22 x 10 mm
Presentation example Label Holder 86 EH2-S
Label holders of eXtra4 can be set up in two positions with the integrated standLabel holders of eXtra4 can be set up in two positions
Application Label Holder 86 EH2-S with loop label 44 1072
Application Label Holder 86 EH2-S with loop label 44 1072

Precise label printing from JTL with eXtra4

Software eXtra4<winIII> adjusts industry-neutral stock management to jewellery and watch sector

Birkenfeld, 07.01.2020 Industry-independent stock management software enjoys amazing popularity in jewellery and watch trade, in particular JTL. In adapting to the requirements of the industry, eXtra4 Software + Service supports. The subsidiary of the label specialist Ferdinand Eisele from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim takes over label printing with its eXtra4<winIII> software. The free "Lite" edition combines industry-standard thermal transfer printers with JTL to ensure accurate data output on industry-specific labels. In this context, eXtra4<winIII> will be presented to the public for the first time during the Inhorgenta, Munich, from 14 - 17.2.2020 in Hall A2, Stand 511.

Industry-independent stock management attractive in price
In addition to well-known industry-specific stock management, such as Clarity&Success, Jewel Master, bejeweled and others, industry-independent software is often used in the jewellery and watch sector. The decisive factor is usually the price. Much and often free support in the online tutorial form is easy to find. This allows enthusiastic users to make the necessary adjustments themselves.

Weak point industry-oriented label printing
JTL users from the jewellery and watch industry often encounter significant problems only when it comes to label printing:
• the print image is not positioned correctly,
• printed barcodes are not scannable.
With JTL, as with other industry-independent stock management software, the problem is the control of the printing process. It works pixel-based with images instead of command-based with text. The consequence: lack of precision for the complex shapes and small sizes of typical jewellery labels. ...


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Logo IT-Subsidiary eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Software eXtra4<winIII> Edition „Lite“ unterstützt JTL mit Etikettendruck für Schmuck und UhrenSoftware eXtra4<winIII> in free edition "Lite" supports JTL and other industry-neutral stock management systems with label printing especially for jewellery and watches

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