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Luyanda Khuzwayo

Luyanda (born 29.04.2010) is a friendly, healthy boy with good manners. He lives with two other children and his brother with foster parents, because his own are unknown. His household duties include fetching water and doing the dishes. Luyanda goes to 2nd grade and is poor at school. English and Zulu are his favourite subjects, but he prefers to play football and wants to become a professional footballer.

In Minenhle's family 6 children are taken care of by 6 adults. Their wattle and daub house is in poor shape but they have access to power and water. The whole household is in an inadequate shape and they are struggling to meet the needs of the children.

Luyanda Khuzwayo, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

Celokuhle Cele

Celokuhle (born 11.08.2007) loves music, especially House and HipHop. With his friends he also likes doing sports, playing football and tennis. After school and on weekends he likes to take over duties at home. He lives with his two siblings with the grandparents who take care of the family. The mother has to work far away, because the region is marked by high unemployment. The father is unknown..

The family lives in one of the usual 4-room brick houses with tin roofs in the Durban area. The supply there with infrastructure, electricity and water is poor. Garbage and environmental pollution are among the biggest problems in the area.

Celokuhle is a smart, friendly and clean boy. He attends the 5th grade of primary school. His favourite subjects there are English and life orientation.

Cele Celokuhle ,eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

Busani Dlamini

Busani (born on June 5, 2003) lives with his sister at his aunt. In the family he doesn't have particular chores. His father is unemployed, his mother has died. He is a happy, active and friendly boy. At the moment he wents 9th grade Secondary School, where he regularily attends the lessons and behaves well. His favourite subjects are Math and Science.

Like the other boys of his neighbourhood he likes to play football with his friends. He wants to become a engineer because he loves creating things.

Busani Dlamini, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

Sfundo Dudula

Sfundo (born on 20.02.208) is one of the most eager students to learn and therefore attends a special support programme. She takes homework very seriously and always does it immediately. The girl attends the 5th primary school class. English is her favourite subject. After school she would like to become a doctor - a wish she is always encouraged with by her mother.

Sfundo lives with her three brothers and other relatives with her grandmother, who she loves and cares for well. Her mother has work, but so far away that she cannot take care of her children herself. The family's home is a 2-room hut with electricity. They have to cover their daily water needs at a nearby public tap.

The girl spends her free time with six girls form the neighbourhood. They prefer to practice traditional dances or play funny games. All in the family are active members of the local Catholic parish.

Dudula Sfundo, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

Awonke Zono

Awonke (born 09.03.2012) is a happy girl. She is healthy and cheerful, loves to play indigenous games with her friends, but already takes on her own tasks at home: washing her own underwear and cleaning her room is part of her duties. She is also one of the good pupils in her primary school, both in terms of behaviour and performance. As a 2nd grade student, she loves English and mathematics.

In the girl's family live 8 children and 4 unemployed adults, including both parents. As a result, the supply of essential equipment and food is poor. They live in a brick house with 3 rooms. Electricity is available, but they can get water only from a tanker truck.

Awonke wants to become a nurse when she is grown up, because she likes to help other people.

Zono Awonke, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

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