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RFID systems need well-founded concepts

eXtra4's strategy for individual RFID solutions
The decisive prerequisite for the success of an RFID system is not the technology alone. The central factor is rather the ability and willingness of an interested customer to innovate. Only when all affected areas such as warehousing, presentation, sales and repair are willing to adapt their organizational structures to the level of RFID can the full benefit of this technology unfold in the company.

Through system understanding to decision-making ability

We at eXtra4 provide detailed consulting for every RFID project involving all parties involved. It gives the participants the fundamentally necessary comprehension for the physical-technical background of RFID and the resulting work processes. This enables interested parties to weigh up the achievable improvements through RFID against the organisational effort required to achieve them and thus come to a well-considered decision.
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Alex Schickel, Managing Director of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, puts his conviction in a nutshell: "Only when the functionality of RFID systems with their organisational effort in implementation, which should not be underestimated, is known in all details and at the same time is confronted with a corresponding value of goods to be protected, can an interested party make a well-founded decision to use an RFID systeme."
Status quo analysis as the basis of an RFID system
If the advantages of an RFID system clearly outweigh in individual operation and if the company is ready for such an innovative step, a joint introductory concept is developed which implements the various functions of RFID in individually controllable sub-steps. A detailed analysis of the conditions on site is indispensable for this.
On Hardware:
We carefully examine the operational environment of the customer's facility. Since the reading security of an RFID system essentially depends on the environ-mental factors there.
On Software:
We create an exact status quo of the existing EDP and internal processes. On this basis, we develop a strategy for the migration to RFID-supported stock management with eXtra4.
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Consulting for RFID solutions is a top priority at eXtra4:
Managing Director Dipl.Wirt.Ing.(FH) Alex Schickel

Partnership and trust

For our work, we need in-depth insights into the processes and structures at our customers' companies. A trusting, open cooperation based on an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is therefore a matter of course.
Our expertise and decades of experience in the field of identification technology and merchandise management systems for the jewellery and watch industry form the basis for our well-founded, individual support.
Let us advise you!

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Our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH takes care
of our labelling systems, software and related services

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RFID Labels

RFID transponders are the heart of an RFID system and we obtain them from certified sources for jewellery, watches and precious stones. In addition, we provide the necessary labels for marking the goods.
The transponders are inserted manually by the user into self-adhesive RFID labels from our own production. We supply self-adhesive labels from third-party production and RFID labels made of injection-moulded material, fully assembled with transponders. Further information on our range of labels with transponders can be found in the RFID Labels section.
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RFID Hardware

RFID hardware fulfils two central functions: Reading and writing the data stored in the transponder. Before selecting RFID hardware for a project, it must be determined which frequency is suitable for the task - HF or UHF.
Only on the basis of this decision is it possible to define possible devices for the corresponding magnetic field. Further information on which device types are suitable and how eXtra4 selects RFID hardware can be found in the RFID Hardware section.

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RFID Software

A labeling solution with integrated transponders means realigning a company's entire organization to use RFID technology. RFID solutions for industry and trade differ significantly. We offer RFID software for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers.
For retail, we rely on established standard software from IRYS ™ and integrate it with our own middleware into existing merchandise management systems. For the control of manufacturing processes in manufacturing, we create RFID software as customer-specific modules with our eXtra4 programming capacity. For more information about RFID software please contact us and get personal advice.
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Trade fair presence worldwide for RFID systems with software from IRYS ™
Interested parties will find RFID systems with software from IRYS ™ represented in Europe by eXtra4 and in Asia by IRYS ™ itself or by its representatives.

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