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Labelling for Gemstones: Software Editions

Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Lite, single-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Lite"
Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Basic, single-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Basic"
Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition "Small Business, single-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Small Business"
Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Business, multi-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Business"
Logo-screenshot of eXtra4 Software-Edition Edition "Business RFID, single-user solution, software for gemstone management via labelling with multi-coded labels for gemstone boxes
Edition "Business RFID"

Software for the Management of Gemstones

Organize precious stones efficiently with labels

Labels are the key to gemstone management with eXtra4<gemID>. They carry the unique identity of each stone as coded imprint. In contrast to traditional stock management software, eXtra4<gemID> software masters the handling of the combinatorial variety of quality features, which is decisive for gemstones.
The coded label was developed especially for and with industry insiders to efficiently organize their gemstone stock:

Faster by scanning instead of writing

Consistent labelling of the entire gemstone stock with the Ident-Code of eXtra4<gemID> results in an immediately noticeable increase in efficiency in the entire administration process. The scanning of the code provides all relevant information of each stone at any place any time. Tedious manual capturing over and over again is no longer necessary. This helps to avoid errors, saves time and reduces costs through:
more focused search
more accurate quotation
easier order entry
less effort in trade fair preparation
more impressive presentation
more reliable inventory control
graphic core benefits eXtra4<gemID> 

Industry Software for the Gemstone Business

eXtra4<gemID> complements stock management systems

The eXtra4<gemID> software is developed in cooperation with experts from the German gemstone center Idar-Oberstein. It is oriented towards the needs of companies with a traditional structure and masters high-quality unique stones as well as industrial stones. Since the complexity of the branch requires more than pure administrative functions, eXtra4<gemID>
also supports the processes and operations typical for gemstones
, but has no accounting functions.

As an industry software, eXtra4<gemID> is a supplement and not a replacement for an stock management system. Commercial enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is designed for mapping commercial business transactions. For the entire monetary transactions, such as cash register, invoices, reminders, incoming payments, etc., eXtra4<gemID> is not the appropriate tool. eXtra4<gemID> provides the stock management system with the appropriate data to process transactions in compliance with the law.


unique cut gems by gem cutter sonja kreis, Idar-Oberstein, Germany 

eXtra4<gemID> - Gemstone Management as needed

Database-driven software in 5 editions with many additional functions

The management of gems with eXtra4<gemID> is based on a powerful database. PostgreSQL is used in single-user or multi-user version.

As software, eXtra4<gemID>has a modular structure. The gem management with its basic functions - classification, labeling, search, list creation and inventory - forms the software core. All editions contain this central module in the same form.
Furthermore, eXtra4<gemID> has numerous additional functions. They are bundled with their possibilities in 5 editions and build on each other.


The 5 software editions include an appropriate support contingent with the purchase and are priced staggered according to the respective performance volume

The modularity allows users to start at an individually suitable level - from beginner to expert. Upgrades from one edition to the next gradually open up a higher functional level as required.
Gemstone management with eXtra4<gemID> accompanies users in their development and leads step by step to a more structured organization.

Lite     Basic Small

Gemstone management
- Classification

- Labelling

- Search functions
- List printing
- Inventory
Process management
with Address management + Stock control
Presentation module/Sales Force functions
Media management
Multi-user capability  
RFID functions**  
Support Units
20 40 60 120 240
Price in €
plus VAT
250,- 500,- 750,- 1.500,- 3.000,-

*  available as beta-version    ** in development

  editionen zusatzfunktionen en

 User support right from the start

The SQL database integrated in eXtra4<gemID> makes a corresponding server necessary. The integration of the application into the IT and the on-site processes requires corresponding specialist expertise.

Therefore, eXtra4 principally takes over the complete installation of eXtra4<gemID> and hands over a ready-to-use system to the user. For this purpose, the purchase price of all editions already includes an appropriate support contingent.

In daily practice, the user is supported by the help function of the software itself. The help also explains the operation of all features that eXtra4<gemID> offers beyond the core function in the software editions.

Those who need additional support have the possibility to access the know-how of the eXtra4 software team at any time via eXtra4's Support Ticket-System.
Learn more about the Support-Ticket-System >> Icon blau mit Link zu Support-Ticket-System

Test system in the cloud

  Cloud-Symbol Wolke

Current cloud technology is used by the eXtra4<gemID> software to provide interested parties with a practical test in an uncomplicated way. This would not be possible without the time-consuming installation of a database-based test environment on site.

Users can enter their own data into the cloud-based test system and gain experience with the gemstone management eXtra4<gemID> under daily conditions. They are thus able to get a personal impression in order to make well-founded decisions.


Functions with cloud support for the software itself are planned in the long term.


                                                                                    Cloud-Symbol Wolke 

eXtra4<gemID> Windows-based

The gemstone management eXtra4<gemID> is a Windows software in its origin. Therefore the application does not act platform independent, but runs exclusively on Microsoft systems.
We accompany beginners in the gemstone management using eXtra4<gemID> with the first steps. Please contact the eXtra4-Support.

Logo eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Our labelling systems in the field of software and associated services are supported by our subsidiary eXtra4 Software+Service GmbH.

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Licensing and language versions

The eXtra4<gemID> software is specifically oriented to the needs of the gemstone industry and its often family-structured companies. The purchase of a license entitles the user to use the software on a single computer. This single-user license includes a one-year subscription, i.e. from the date of purchase the buyer receives all softwaer updates free of charge for 12 months.
If several employees are to be able to work with the gem management, an edition with multi-user capability allows eXtra4<gemID> to be used on any number of computers within a company.
As a gemstone management, eXtra4<gemID> is currently aimed at the national market. Accordingly, the software is currently designed monolingual and only available in German. An English version for international use is planned in the long term. The corresponding translation has already been realized in parts.

Purchase and Support

After the purchase, support experts take care of the adaptation of the software to local conditions. The purchase price of the eXtra4<gemID> gemstone management therefore already includes a contingent of support units (1 unit = 6 minutes).

We generally provide support by phone and online (remote) within our office hours (Mo – Tu 8.00-16.30, Fr 8.00-12.00). Please contact us by phone +49 7231 94790 or via Mail.

Updates und Releases

The software eXtra4<gemID> is subject to a continuous improvement process. Impulses for this come from two sides: The software has to reflect the technological progress on the IT sector. At the same time, it is necessary to track industry-related changes in production and marketing of gemstones. In order to fulfill this, updates are frequently available for eXtra4<gemID>.
For software updates users have two options:

- Permanent update - annual subscription:
The software version is permanently kept at the latest state of development with updates. A user can immediately benefit from innovations. The annual subscription fee is 30% of the license price and when purchasing a user license it is included in the price for one year from the date of purchase .

- On-demand update - user triggerd:
The on-demand update is useful where the application initially works to the user's satisfaction and fully performs all required functions. There is no automatic update caused by innovations in the software. The application remains constant in its possibilities over a longer period. Only possible errors occurring in this phase are eliminated free of charge by bugfix updates.
Only when new requirements arise the on-demand-update provides the user with access to software progress that cover the new demands. On-demand updates include an appropriate support contingent in the price and can be purchased at 66% of this edition's license price.


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