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RFID Software

Solutions for transponder-controlled labelling
The requirements of industry and trade for RFID software differ considerably from each other.
Whilst the wholesale and retail trade mainly uses RFID systems to monitor goods, the manufacturing industry is faced with orders. Retailers therefore focus on individual objects such as jewellery, watches and precious stones with RFID. Manufacturers, on the other hand, continuously record production processes via RFID in order to further develop intra-logistics towards optimized production control in line with the ideas of the Industry 4.0 concept.
RFID Software for retail
For wholesale and retail, we offer the proven RFID solution from IRYS ™, which has been introduced for years. It can be used mobile by the use of an ANDROID tablet and can be used therefore also by the sales forces in field service.
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With our in-house developed eXtra4 middleware we connect the standard solution of IRYS ™ to an existing merchandise management system. Due to our own programming capacities, we are also able to provide additional individual functions in the middleware, which go beyond the standard software "Tiara" from IRYS ™.

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RFID Software for manufacturers
For the integration of RFID-based identification systems in production, we at eXtra4 ourselves develop customer-specific RFID modules. They transfer the RFID data in prepared form to an existing ERP/PPS system.


Complexity requires consulting

Since RFID is an invisible technology, it is necessary to understand the physical fundamentals of RFID. Only with a thorough understanding can decision-makers establish the right framework conditions in their own companies to ensure the reliability of RFID.
Contact us and let us present this impressive technology to you in order to "understand" RFID.

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RFID Labels

RFID Transponder are the heart of an RFID system and we source them from certified sources for jewellery, watches and precious stones. In addition, we provide the necessary labels for marking the goods.

The transponders are inserted manually by the user into self-adhesive RFID labels from our own production. We supply self-adhesive labels from third-party production and RFID labels made of injection-moulded material, fully assembled with transponders. Further information on our range of labels with transponders can be found in the RFID Labels section.
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RFID Hardware

RFID Hardware fulfils two central functions: Reading and writing the data stored in the transponder. Before selecting RFID hardware for a project, it must be determined which frequency is suitable for the task - HF or UHF. Only on the basis of this decision is it possible to define possible devices for the corresponding magnetic field.
Further information on which device types are suitable and how eXtra4 selects RFID hardware can be found in the RFID Hardware section.

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