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RFID Hardware

Technology for RFID solutions to jewellery, watches and gemstones

RFID Hardware has to fulfil two central functions: reading and writing the data stored in the transponder. Technically, these functions are implemented in devices that differ significantly in handling.
UHF or HF - a basic decision
Before selecting RFID hardware for a project, has the primary question to be clarified: Does HF frequency or UHF frequency suit better for the task?
RFID hand-held antenna for HF RFID systems
RFID hand-held antenna HF
RFID hand-held antenna HF
RFID hand-held antenna for UHF RFID systems
RFID hand-held scanner IRYS
RFID hand-held scanner IRYS
RFID pad antenna for HF RFID systems
RFID pad antenna
RFID pad antenna
RFID label printer for both marking and electronically writing UHF RFID labels with integrated transponder simultaneously in one process
RFID label printer Zebra
RFID label printer Zebra

Antenna and reader - many possibilities
In principle, RFID hardware is always a combination of antenna and reader: the antenna picks up or emits the electromagnetic signal. The reader supplies the antenna with voltage, generates the outgoing signals and evaluates the incoming signals.
RFID antennas for receiving transponder data are available as handheld devices, but also as pads or plates. Frames or circuit boards can also be used as antennas for direct installation in the user environment, such as cabinets or furniture.
RFID readers are offered in a simple plastic housing or in a solid metal housing for high performance industrial applications, depending on the performance to be delivered.
Proximity readers combine antenna and reader in one device. They usually have small dimensions and can also assume the shape of a hand-held scanner.
Which version is used for an RFID solution depends on the individual requirements and the operating conditions on site.

RFID label printer
Label printers for RFID have two functions to fulfil: The first is printing labels with data that must be readable either by the human eye or by a barcode scanner. On the other hand, the writing to the transponders that are integrated in the label.
Transponders that are already implemented in self-adhesive labels on the web are normally UHF transponders. Here, the RFID label printer takes over the electronic writing process of the transponder at the same time as the label is marked.

RFID hardware as part of a
individually developed solution

The selection of suitable readers and antennas must be part of the overall concept of an individual RFID system. This requires knowledge of the different technologies with HF and UHF frequencies as well as an overview of the possibilities of the different suppliers on the market.

We analyse every case of application of a prospective RFID customer in detail, both organisationally and technologically, and then decide on the type and brand of RFID hardware to be used. We therefore do not list individual devices here.

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Take advantage of our expertise and let us advise you on whether and how the use of RFID represents a realistic, effective solution for your individual corporate structures.

RFID transponders and RFID labels
RFID transponders are the heart of an RFID system. They consist of a chip with an antenna, which makes each transponder identifiable with a worldwide unique number (UPC). Integrated into suitable labels or attached directly to the goods, every piece of jewellery, every watch and every gemstone is unmistakably identified.
We acquire RFID transponders from certified sources and provide the necessary labels for jewellery and watches.
  gemstone box with rfId transponder
The transponders are inserted manually by the user into self-adhesive RFID labels from our own production during product labelling. RFID labels made of injection-moulded material are supplied ready assembled with transponders. Further information on our range of labels with transponders can be found in the RFID Labels section.
RFID label wraptag 35 3865 with transponder inlay
RFID Software

A labeling solution with integrated transponders means realigning a company's entire organization to use RFID technology. RFID solutions for industry and trade differ significantly. We offer RFID software for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers.
For retail, we rely on established standard software and integrate it with our own middleware into existing stock management systems. For the control of manufacturing processes, we create RFID software as tailor-made modules with our eXtra4 programming capacity.

For more information about RFID software contact us and get personal adviced!

  RFID software Tiara on tablet pc

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