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Labels for Needles / Jewellery labels for needles and brooches

Labels for needles are a special form of jewellery labels which are oriented to the requirements of a now rather rare type of jewellery: the label has a pair of holes for inserting the needle of pins and brooches. In order to hold the attached label, however, the openings of a needle label should have small dimensions.
Suitable jewelry label shapes for needles can be found in the eXtra4 label range both as self-adhesive labels for marking in the label printer and for marking by hand.
You can recognize labels for needles for handwriting by this symbol: manual writing. If marked this way, the labels are not suitable for label printers.
non-adhesive jewellery label for needles and brooches Ref.-No. 74 67P


Labels for Needles

With their double hole needle label resemble certain shapes in chain labels and earring labels. The presentation of our range of jewellery labels therefore overlaps in these areas. Anyone interested in needle labels can also find suitable shapes there.

                  for Label Printer

                    cta anruf 50   cta angebot 50   cta formen 50   cta preise 50    cta shop 50


                   for Handwriting
              manual writing
                   cta anruf 50   cta angebot 50   cta formen 50

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