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In the Novelties section you will find reports and press releases on the latest innovations in products and services for labels, software and hardware for label printing from Ferdinand Eisele GmbH and eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH with its brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems.

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Precise label printing from JTL with eXtra4

Software eXtra4<winIII> adjusts industry-neutral stock management to jewellery and watch sector

Birkenfeld, 07.01.2020 Industry-independent stock management software enjoys amazing popularity in jewellery and watch trade, in particular JTL. In adapting to the requirements of the industry, eXtra4 Software + Service supports. The subsidiary of the label specialist Ferdinand Eisele from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim takes over label printing with its eXtra4<winIII> software. The free "Lite" edition combines industry-standard thermal transfer printers with JTL to ensure accurate data output on industry-specific labels. In this context, eXtra4<winIII> will be presented to the public for the first time during the Inhorgenta, Munich, from 14 - 17.2.2020 in Hall A2, Stand 511.

Industry-independent stock management attractive in price
In addition to well-known industry-specific stock management, such as Clarity&Success, Jewel Master, bejeweled and others, industry-independent software is often used in the jewellery and watch sector. The decisive factor is usually the price. Much and often free support in the online tutorial form is easy to find. This allows enthusiastic users to make the necessary adjustments themselves.

Weak point industry-oriented label printing
JTL users from the jewellery and watch industry often encounter significant problems only when it comes to label printing:
• the print image is not positioned correctly,
• printed barcodes are not scannable.
With JTL, as with other industry-independent stock management software, the problem is the control of the printing process. It works pixel-based with images instead of command-based with text. The consequence: lack of precision for the complex shapes and small sizes of typical jewellery labels. ...


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Software eXtra4<winIII> Edition „Lite“ unterstützt JTL mit Etikettendruck für Schmuck und UhrenSoftware eXtra4<winIII> in free edition "Lite" supports JTL and other industry-neutral stock management systems with label printing especially for jewellery and watches

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