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New technology for the perfect roll

Label converting at eXtra4 now digital

Birkenfeld, July 2019. Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is now relying on the precision of a digitally controlled machine for the converting of eXtra4 labels. Individually built, it features the latest sensor technology and will set new standards for the quality of eXtra4 label rolls.

The label roll as a quality factor
With eXtra4, quality does not only mean fulfilling precision-relevant factors of the label itself, such as form, function, dimensional accuracy, adhesion, durability, printability and many more. The delivery of labels as required also includes the manageability of the label roll before printing and its performance in the label printer: Web trimming, winding, core and last but not least packaging - everything plays an important role if you want to offer customers perfect roll labels.

Sensor technology ensures precision
In the new machine, a movable, sensor-based cutting unit takes over the web trimming and is oriented to the label edge instead of the web edge. This ensures a much higher accuracy of the label position crosswise to the web than previously possible with analogue technology.
Digitally controlled elements guarantee controlled winding tension and thus pre-defined wound label rolls that neither telescope nor stick together. Regardless of the diameter of their core, the rolls behave with consistent precision and can therefore - one like the other - be processed in the label printer with consistent quality.
During converting, a splice table allows label webs to be joined together inline with maximum precision. A web interruption now has no consequences for the position of the labels lengthwise to the web and does not affect the label quality. This is because a label roll with an interrupted web does not provoke any misprints in the label printer, but can be processed loss-free.

Long shelf life due to individual packaging
Transport protection and storage safety are provided by the elaborate individual packaging of eXtra4 label rolls. A cardboard cover protects the web edges from damage and makes the rolls stackable. Shrink foil, carefully sealed all around, keeps each single roll in shape and protects it from harmful environmental influences such as dust and moisture. Packaged in this way, eXtra4 labels can also withstand long transport distances around the globe and longer storage times on site.

Converting 2.0 as part of digital transformation
With this investment in digital technology - the second in 2019, after the acquisition of a digital punching machine - Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is clearly positioning itself as a quality-oriented company. The clear statement for more and reliably reproducible precision strengthens the future viability of the brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems and creates the basis for further successful development.

 Roll labels from eXtra4 perfectly converted with new technology 
Perfect roll labels from eXtra4: precisely trimmed, neatly rolled and shrink-wrapped with protective cardboard for the web edges
The new digital converting machine for labels from eXtra4  
The new digital packaging machine from eXtra4 is controlled via screen 

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