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Die-cutting machine 2.0

Tailor-made technology for eXtra4 label production

Birkenfeld, June 2019. The new addition to the machine hall of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH comes from the special-purpose machinery manufacture: Translative die-cutting technology lifts the production possibilities for eXtra4 labels to a new level.

New technology improves label range
The new machine is tailored to the needs of the company and individually built for label production by eXtra4 Labelling Systems. It fits seamlessly into existing production capacities, will replace existing technology and achieve noticeable improvements in the label range.

Digital control instead of analog
Instead of a central basic concept, the die-cutting machine has decentralized drives. They control each individual unit digitally with modern sensor technology. This allows the connection to already existing digital printing processes. Preprinted webs can now be processed into complex label shapes in new material combinations. For the design of colored labels, this brings significantly more functional and design possibilities.

Technological transformation as step into future
With this new acquisition, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is completing the transition from analogue to digital control technology in its production. The step towards machine-made and automated tools means the parting from manual tool production. Thus, the investment is a clear commitment to more and reliably reproducible precision. In this way, the company actively forges ahead with its continuous improvement process and creates important preconditions for a successful future.

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 neue Stanzmaschine aus 3 Aggregaten 
The new die-cutting machine
consists of three units
 neue Stanzmaschine bei eXtra4 
Assembled and equipped with material,
the translative die-cutting machine is
ready for production
packaging technologist at the control panel of the new die-cutting machine
Packaging technologist Kevin Sener tests
functions and settings of the machine
on the control panel

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