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Exchange of know-how with the island

Representative from Great Britain visits eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Birkenfeld, July 29th 2018. What's new at eXtra4? - Marcus Harley, technic-specialist at our representative Potters Ltd. from King's Lynn in Norfolk, gets a personal impression of the current developments in hardware and software.
Marcus Harley is the cornerstone and linchpin for Potters Ltd. customers in the UK and Ireland on label printing issues. As a software expert he programs himself and is very familiar with the control of printers and scanners. That is why a visit from him is always an exchange of theory and practice at eye level.
During the discussion with our technical team Marcus Harley learns about current development trends. He can try out technology on site and form his own opinion on which we attach great importance. Because like hardly anyone else, he is in a position to evaluate innovations from the perspective of UK customers an help to implement his own ideas.

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 arbeitsplatz peters mharley 4018 
MMarcus Harley of Potters Ltd.
(right) in exchange with Thomas
Peters, programmer at eXtra4
gruppe diskus mharley 4021 
Experts among themselves: Marcus Harley
discusses with Kay Sonntag and Thomas
Peters from the eXtra4 technology team
(from right)

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