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Investment in employees’ health

Roll handler saves efforts in eXtra4 production

Birkenfeld, 09.05.2017. A mobile roll handler has been facilitating the harmful handling of heavy raw material in label production for some time. The weighty rolls no longer have to be placed into the production machines by hand using massive physical force.

Even the smallest labels weigh 50 kilograms when they have to be transported in the raw material stage. Depending on the width and thickness of the roll, such a "cheese wheel" may strain muscles, ligaments and bones to tearing as soon as it is removed from the storage and lifted into the machine. For this purpose, it is not only necessary to simply lift and move the material. Since the raw material rolls are stored horizontally, but are to be processed vertically, it is also essential to rotate the bulky roll by 90 ° without telescoping.

Anyone who carries out this burdensome process in their working life countless times risk to get a hernia. With the new roll handler the danger for the eXtra4 staff is now banned: Completely without effort and with few hand movements, the device transports raw material rolls of any width and thickness with a maximum weight of 175 kgs from the horizontal to the vertical. And since the roll handler is mobile as well, the material can be transported directly to the production machine and used there with sensitiveness.

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 Sener schraeg rollenwender 0861
Kevin Sener demonstrates
using the roll handler in the
stocks of eXtra4

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