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eXtra4 goes America

For the first time, eXtra4 Labelling Systems presents products and services in the USA

Birkenfeld, 21. October 2016. From 14th to 17th October, eXtra4 Labelling Systems is celebrating its US debut during the JIS, "Jewelers International Showcase". The identification specialist from Birkenfeld near Pforzheim will be present at the trade fair in Miami at the booth of its representative IJS, "International Jewelers Supply". For the first time, the company is presenting its labels and labelling systems to the American public from the jewellery and watchmaking industry.

First contact in 2015
Rafael Suarez, Managing Director and owner of IJS from Miami, meets eXtra4 at the Freiburg fair in 2015 already. He is looking for a supplier for high quality labels. The range of services offered by the company is immediately appreciated. The American market has not yet been able to offer labelling software such as ...

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press release from 21.10.2016

 Rafael Suarez Profilbild 
IJS-Managing Director Rafael Suarez
Alex 3kunden 1837 
Interested customers follow the
explanations of Managing Director
Alex Schickel (left) at the IJS booth

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