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Label printing for jewellery and watches: Software Editions and Modules

eXtra4<winIII> Edition UltraLite
eXtra4<winIII> Edition UltraLite
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Lite
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Lite
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Basic
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Basic
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced Connect
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced Connect
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced RFID
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Advanced RFID
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Enterprise
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Enterprise
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Enterprise RFID
eXtra4<winIII> Edition Enterprise RFID
eXtra4 <monitor>
eXtra4 <monitor>

eXtra4<winIII> Simple. Print labels.

Software for label printing ??

Label printing is easy with eXtra4<winIII>.
Only 4 steps to the ready-to-use label, that's all:
Select layout
Type in data
Determine circulation
Start label printing.
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Quick and easy printing with pre-defined labels

The label printing software eXtra4<winIII> works with finished label layouts. No user has to deal with design before printing. There is no need for time-consuming definition of input fields, font sizes or barcode parameters. The label design has already been done by eXtra4<winIII>.
The label printing software eXtra4 currently contains more than 1,000 finished label layouts for more than 400 different labels. Users simply select the one that suits their needs.

If there should be nothing suitable to find, we convert customer wishes into a new layout file at eXtra4 and make it available by download - promptly and usually even free of charge.

eXtra4<win> - Label printing on demand

Software in 9 editions with many additional functions
The program eXtra4<winIII> has a modular design. Its core function is label printing, but it also has numerous additional functions.
Both label printing and additional functions are graduated in their possibilities according to requirements. The expansion stages in 9 editions are based on each other. Depending on the requirements and volume, the editions are priced in different scales and include a free support contingent.

From beginners to advanced to specialists, everyone can choose exactly the edition whose features they really need.
Updates from one edition to the next open up further additional functions later as required. The label printing software eXtra4<winIII> accompanies users during their development and leads step by step to a more structured organization.
Ultra LiteLiteBasicAdvancedAdvanced
 Label Printing

 Printers - Number

 1  1 2 4 4 4  ∞  ∞  ∞
 Layouts - Number

 1  4  12  ∞  ∞
 Labels - Number

 1  ∞  ∞  ∞  ∞
 Simple Administration
 items / addresses
 Advanced Administration
 Database Connection
         •  •  •  •
           •  –  •
 Database Connection
client /server *
             • _ _
in Cloud**
 RFID-extended**                  •
Support Units
10 17 20 40 23 33 66
Price in €
plus VAT
149,- 249, 299,- 499,- 349,- 499,- 999,-

* available as beta-version     ** in development


kernfunktionen etikettendruck en
 editionen zusatzfunktionen en

User support right from the start

Thanks to the integrated help function, the installation of the label printing software eXtra4<win> is easy. Step-by-step instructions guide even inexperienced users successfully to their destination. The help also explains the operation of all features that eXtra4<winIII> provides for users in the program editions in addition to the core function.
In addition, the purchase of a paid edition includes a free contingent of support. This means that every user can quickly produce printed labels
If you need additional support, you have the possibility to fall back on the experience of the eXtra4 software team via the eXtra4 Support-Ticket-System.
Learn more about the Support-Ticket-System >> suppticksystem bw sm

Slim - Thanks to Cloud

 cloudsym blck
Despite an integrated help file and a large number of finished label layouts, the label printing program is not a massive software tool. Modern cloud based eXtra4<winIII> keeps you slim and fast: all parts that are not absolutely necessary for direct program operation are stored externally.
On the Web they do not load the local computer with their data volume. In addition, users can be sure that they always have access to the latest data, because the cloud inventory is constantly being revised.
                                                                                    cloud symbol100

eXtra4<winIII> System compatible
with Microsoft and Apple

Whether Microsoft or Apple - users are free to choose which computer they use for label printing. Originally a Windows program, eXtra4<winIII> acts platform-independently. It runs reliably under Windows as well as under OSX and Linux. We accompany Apple users through the first steps. You should contact the eXtra4 support before downloading and installing.

cta anruf 50             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             cta kaufen 50             cta download 50
System requirements for label printing with eXtra4<winIII>

License rights and updates

Tthat all employees can print labels, the purchase of a license for a software edition of eXtra4<winIII> includes the possibility to use the program on any number of computers within a company.
If a company has several locations, a separate license must be purchased for each one. For the label printing of several branches of a company from a common data pool, eXtra4<winIII> Edition "Enterprise" is especially recommended as a license
Users will find updates in the download area within the program eXtra4<winIII> permanently available. They are provided via cloud. Upgrading is free of charge within a major version number or within one year of the purchase date.

At home all over the world

The label printing program eXtra4<winIII> has proven itself for years in the jewellery and watch industry around the globe. Accordingly, the software is multilingual.
• German • Dutch (partial)
• English • Swedish (partial)
• French • Greek (partial)
• Spanish • Russian (partial)
• Italian (partial) • Polish (partial)
  • Croatian (partial)


Integration of eXtra4<winIII> Label printing in third-party systems

The software module eXtra4<monitor> is an independent program that continuously checks a file directory or a database for data input. If data is available, it is output as a label via label printing with eXtra4<winIII>. Thus it is possible to integrate eXtra4 as software into existing external systems, e.g. a merchandise management or process control system
Learn more about eXtra4<monitor> zur Integration von Etiketten-Druck
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eXtra4<winIII> for Software Developers

Integrate label printing as an OEM component

IIn the hands of experts, eXtra4<winIII> can also function as an efficient tool for implementing label printing in third-party software. For this the free edition "Lite" is completely sufficient. The integration of eXtra4 as a commercial label printing module must always be carried out after consultation and requires individual consultation.
More information about label printing for software developers with eXtra4 Edition „Lite“
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