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Label printing software
Edition <Advanced RFID>

RFID labeling with eXtra4<winIII>
as a single-user solution

The "Advanced RFID" software edition is subject to a charge and is currently under development. It enables users to make their first experiences with RFID technology and to get to know its advantages. The "Advanced RFID" edition is geared to the need for a single-user solution.

Marking of RFID labels

Labelling using RFID is based both on data in optically readable form and on electronically readable data. The label carries an imprint for the human eye and/or a barcode scanner. At the same time it is equipped with a transponder for electronic information, readable by an RFID reader.
eXtra4 winIII advanced rfid lyte
The transponder can be glued manually into a conventional label printed by a thermal transfer printer. Alternatively, labels can be used that have already been pre-assembled with transponders. While glued-in transponders are written with electronic information in a separate process, labels with pre-assembled transponders can be printed and written on in a single operation.
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Overview Software Features

Features of the Edition <Advanced RFID>

Label Printing

You can find an overview of all features that ensure ease of use in label printing and are equally included in all program editions of eXtra4<winIII> under >> Basic functions

Simple Administration - articles/addresses

The label printing software extra4<winIII> has an integrated, local database. Data for marking an article can be read out there and output as a label. This saves time and effort for repeated typing and ensures that contents are always printed in the same form. It is also possible to print a list of the stored articles.
Article numbers as keys to the database
The label database of extra4<winIII> works on the basis of article numbers. If users already use article numbers, article data can be entered under the existing number. The article data can be retrieved via the article number and printed out as individual labels or via batch processing in serial printing.

If the user does not yet have a numbering system, extra4<winIII> automatically generates an article number when creating a new article via hierarchically structured article groups. The hierarchy of the article groups needs to be well thought out and is stored by the user according to his own structures in the program previously.

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Space for additional information
The database of eXtra4<winIII> offers besides the article data for the label printing additional storage space for memo texts of any length, e.g. to note evaluations or further product descriptions.
A small product image (thumbnail) can also be stored in the data record for quick identification of an article. If a product is to be portrayed in more detail with photos, it is recommended to use the additional function "Image management".

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Simple address management
The label printing software extra4<winIII> also uses its integrated database for address management. It generates shipping labels from entered address data. Once the sender line and other parameters have been defined, address labels can be printed individually.

Each registered address receives a unique address code as a search criterion, e.g. the customer or supplier number. The data record is created under this code and the addressee is recorded with his data. A categorization allows addresses to be sorted according to suppliers, customers and other categories


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Advanced Administration - articles

The label printing software extra4<winIII> with its integrated, local database now has extended possibilities. In addition to the information required for labelling, stock levels of already created articles can be managed and additional information can be stored. Even an inventory can be carried out with eXtra4<winIII>.

Individual expansion of master data
The extended article management of extra4<winIII> supplements the master data with a multitude of individually adaptable fields. They can be used e.g. for information on the purchase of an article (price, quantity, time, recommended sales price) or for evaluations and further descriptions.
The article number of the vendor is created as an additional key field. Articles are now found in the database not only under the vendor's own article number, but also under the vendor's article number.
In the container management of the label printing program eXtra4<winIII> the storage locations of articles can be recorded. Each container, like e.g. a drawer or display and a drawer or a shop window receives a unique container code as storage location. The articles are assigned to this code as content. This makes it easier to locate and check them.

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Advantages for barcode users
Printed barcode labels from the article management of eXtra4<winIII> simplify the recording of goods movements and inventory. Instead of typing in article numbers by hand, you scan the barcode, get to the data record of the article and record the stock there. For example, barcode labels that were removed at the point of sale can be scanned later and posted as sales.
Purchases can be stored in the database particularly efficiently if suppliers also use barcodes. If you have entered the supplier's article number as an additional search key in the inventory data, you only have to scan the supplier barcode to jump to the relevant article in the database and the goods receipt can be posted.

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Data evaluation and inventory
Users of the label printing program eXtra4<winIII> can use the data stock in their database for evaluations. The software provides standard lists that users can easily adapt to their individual requirements. A report generator generates screen previews or printouts, but also outputs the list formatted as PDF or XLS files.
Inventory is probably the most important form of data evaluation. With the help of inventory control, current article quantities can be easily recorded at any time in the eXtra4<winII> software, compared with target inventories and differences determined. Users call up the article to be checked via its article number, ideally via scanner via barcode, and enter the counted quantity. Integrated lists enable the output of corresponding overviews, so that a correction posting can be made if necessary.

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Picture Management

The image management of the label printing software extra4<winIII> enables the management of several high-resolution images of an article. Whereas previously only a single small image (thumbnail) was used in article management to identify an article more quickly, image management uses the integrated article database to manage large, often confusing quantities of professional photo documents. Archived in this way, image files are easily searchable and easily accessible.

Photo documentation for articles
The image management as a separate additional function links an article from the article master with an unlimited number of image files, even in the high resolution of current cameras. Thus, for example, several recording perspectives can be assigned to an article. The retrieval of the original image files is considerably facilitated, since the storage location is listed in the data record. The images can be sent together in one selection - by e-mail via the address management directly from the software eXtra4<winIII>.
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RFID Basis

As labelling software, eXtra4<winIII> opens up the advantages of RFID-supported systems via the greatly expanded integrated database of the program and the RFID solution of IRYS ™. The necessary software routines are still under development. They will enable the decisive progress to be experienced through RFID: the monitoring of inventories is no longer static, but dynamic. This will lead to groundbreaking changes, especially in inventory:

Inventory items no longer have to be recorded individually. RFID records large quantities of items simultaneously. Instead of being collected piece by piece, the data from the contents of a container, e.g. a drawer or showcase, is collected completely as a whole.
Inventory is accelerated and simplified so much by RFID that it can not only be carried out annually, as before, but as often as required - even daily for sensitive items.

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eXtra4<winIII> Edition „Advanced RFID“ compatible to Windows

The label printing software eXtra4<winIII> is a Windows program. Accordingly, the "Advanced RFID" edition runs reliably here. The software has not yet been tested on other computer platforms, but its use there is planned.
Users of Apple computers under OSX and Linux systems should therefore please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information!

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System requirements for label printing with eXtra4<winIII>


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Download and activation

For the use of eXtra4<winIII> Edition „Advanced RFID an interested party registers as a user and buys a license. After download and installation he has to activate the software as edition "Advanced RFID". This is done under his personal license number via the help function of the program. Only then will the "Advanced RFID" edition be available in its full scope. Until activation, the program only runs in its lowest version, the "Ultra Lite" edition.
If a user is interested in the program features of higher software editions, these can also be activated retrospectively or unlocked as a trial for 60 days beforehand.

Support and service times

The purchase of eXtra4<winIII> Edition „Advanced RFID includes 40 unit support (40 x 6 min). Support is generally provided by telephone and online (remote). If you need support, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us under +49 7231 94790 or by mail
Entry as registered user, shipping of license number and download link as well as activation will not be done automatically, but immediately within our office hours (Mon - Thu 8.00-16.30, Fri 8.00-12.00). In this time window we also support you with support.

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