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RFID Solutions
for Jewellery and Watches



It is critical to the success of an RFID project that 
we do not only think about the technology. 
The central factor is rather the willingness and ability
of a prospective customer to innovate. Only when all affected areas such as warehousing, presentation, sales and repair are willing to adapt their organizational structures to the level of an RFID system the full benefits of this technology can be achieved.

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The RFID Strategy of eXtra4


RFID handantenne mit hochwertigen Uhren

RFID for the luxury watches segment

  Understanding Systems

Prior to each project, Ferdinand Eisele undertakes detailed consulting involving all the stakeholders. It provides participants with a fundamental understanding of the physical and technological background of RFID and the resulting work processes. This enables customers to weigh improvements achievable by RFID against the required organizational impact to come to an informed decision.

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  Ability to decide

Alex Schickel, General Manager of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, summarizes the technology saying: "Only when the operational and organizational requirements – which are not to be underestimated – are fully known, and the value of the goods to be protected is sufficient, can a prospective client from the Jewellery and Watch industry opt for the use of an RFID system."

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Status quo analisis  

If the benefits of such a system clearly outweighs any procedural changes required, and the company is firmly resolved to embrace the innovative process, a joint implementation concept is developed which sets out the various functions of RFID in small controllable steps. A detailed analysis of the technical and local circumstances on-site is essential to this process.

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eXtra4 RFID-Lösung für Luxus-UhrenRFID tag in shape of an eXtra4 WrapTag with transponder


For the hardware: Environmental factors can substantially affect the reading reliability of the smaRT))connect system, so we scrutinise all aspects of the surrounding area to ensure that on-site factors are completely understood.


For the software: We perform a complete audit of the existing ERP and in-house processes. We can then develop a strategy for the migration to smaRT))connect supported stock management.

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Partnership and confidence

Experte für RFID-Technologie: Alex SchickelRFID expert: CEO Alex Schickel




We require a detailed insight into our customers’ processes and structures in order to perform our work. Therefore, a trusting and open co-operation is indispensable.

Our know-how and experience gained over decades in the field of identification technology and stock management systems for the jewellery and watch industry is our base for professional individual consulting and support.


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Consulting for RFID solutions at eXtra4 is a matter of CEO and RFID expert Alex Schickel.

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